Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Jaydania Jack of All Trades

March 29th 1997 to July 5th 2010

Loved and now so very sadly missed by Jill and Vic Povey, Cornwall, UK

Dam: Allado Simply the Best at Jaydania
Sire: Ch. Black Jack of Shadybower (Toby)



Custer just 10 yrs young!

The above two pics of Custer were taken for his 11 th birthday (29/3/08).

"These are taken at Perranporth in Cornwall, near where we live and are with my other Berner,Libby, who (I can't believe it) will be 7 this year. Custer still seems well and enjoys nice long walks, barking at ducks in the garden, and having regular biscuit treats."


August 10th '09 - "This picture (above) was taken at nearby St Agnes a couple of weeks ago with Libby (age 8) and Bridger ( 4 months).

Custer is still well, although he does have a touch of arthrits/rheumatism and doesn't get out for long walks any more. He still rules the roost at home and is training Bridger in all aspects of managing humans...."

March 29th '10 "At 13 years Custer does seem aged, but I think he would say life is still enjoyable. He takes rimadyl for his aching joints,and really only walks as far as the back garden, but, once out there he can bark at the birds like a dog half his age. He even enjoyed our record snow falls this winter, and had to be coaxed back into the house. He smells pretty awful without regular sponge baths, but still has the energy to grab the towel while we dry him. His appetite is quite splendid, as is his hearing. He can hear the biscuit barrel opening from another room and Vic's catchphrase "Who wants.....?" will bring him every time. Custer will celebrate this birthday with some extra treats tonight. Then he will celebrate with more tomorrow, and then again the day after, and the day after that.

April 1st is Bridger's first birthday and I imagine Custer will accept treats for that as well....."

Happy 13th Birthday Custer!

For more pics of Custer aged 13 yrs

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