Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

In Loving Memory of Veteran Berner


Alpenblick's Great Lady

October 24th l993 to March 17th 2007

Owned by Coral and David Denis and Linda and Tim Rann

Birthday Berner, Cleo

Cleo on her 13th Birthday, October 24th 2006

" Good bye my dearest Cleo, mother of the litter of fourteen boys. You were just the sweetest Berner. We bred you to get a female for ourselves, what did you do, had fourteen boys.

Some friends of ours had a portrait done of Cleo for Christmas. It will be treasured more than ever now.

At Christmas when she came by for a visit she was still acting like a puppy, bouncing around, going to work with Tim every day and some days to doggy day care, living such a full and happy life. I am just finding it hard to understand at the moment.

Keep saying, I can't go through this again, but we all do don't we? "

Coral and David
Vancouver Island,
B.C. Canada

Cleo and Georgi
Cleo (L) and Georgi (R)

For littermatte, Georgi, Veteran Angel
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For Littermate, Buster, sadly also a Veteran Angel
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