Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


CH Pinnacle's East of Eden

July 4th 1997 to September 10th 2007

Loved and so sadly missed by Mary-Ann Bowman



Our hearts are broken and we will never be the same -- Abra has died.

Part of my life for over ten years, Abra was my Dream Dog, my partner and my friend. I wanted a dog that could do it all and she fulfilled that -- and more. I am a better person because I have shared a decade with Abra and because of all the many friendships that formed because of her. I know that ten years is a long time for a berner -- but it was not long enough.

And so she left because her body could not contain her spirit anymore -- after 14 months of battling B-cell Lymphoma it was time for her to leave. And yet what joy we have had these past 14 months because the knowledge that one is living on borrowed time makes everything so much more significant. A lesson she has taught me is that all of us are on borrowed time.

Abra was able to attend the 2007 Specialty and with her daughter and granddaughter, she placed in the new Generations class. She won the Veterans obedience class -- again -- and did so in spite of barking orders at me throughout. She tied with her daughter for first place in a rally class. And most importantly, she was there with us -- those she loved -- doing what she most loved to do, which was being a working dog.

I have so many wonderful memories of Abra and the time we shared, and soon those memories will bring smiles but right now I am heartbroken at the loss of my beloved friend and there are so many tears and not so many smiles this week.

Abra lives on in her children from her two litters and in her grandchildren -- and in our hearts. Hug your sweet dogs tonight -- the time together is so short.

"Abra" CH Pinnacle's East of Eden, TD, CDX, OA, OAJ, NAP, OAJP, RE, VCD2, DD, BDD, CGC
2001 Nat' l Specialty High in Trial
Working Dog Excellent
Versatility Dog
Top Producer of Champions
Top Producer of Working Titled Dogs
Top Producer of Versatility Dogs
Beloved Friend

With a Heavy Heart,

Mary-Ann Bowman

Abra celebrating her own birthday along with the Country's birthday!

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