Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Bornedale's January Jester

January 31st 2000 to October 27th 2011

Proudly owned and now so very sadly missed by Mary and Bill Clarke

He was a boy who had a zest for adventure

Bornedale's January Jester "Jesse" : January 31, 2000 - October 27, 2011

From the puppy known affectionately as "Spawn of Satan" for his bad habits such as eating expensive leather shoes and playing tug of war with the leash at obedience class, Jesse turned into such a wonderful dog and became a very dignified older gentleman. He was very much his own dog- somewhat aloof but every once in a while a Berner Bump (and spilled coffee or wine) would announce that Jesse wanted some petting. He was much loved and he knew it.

Jesse always attracted a lot of attention when we took him out and he received his public graciously as if he knew it was his due. He somehow understood that it was important not to scare children and would always drop down to his belly when approached by a toddler or a baby in a stroller.

Jesse generally loved everyone but he made an exception for UPS drivers. I don't what it was about them but whenever I heard Jesse barking fiercely, I knew that we had a UPS delivery. I teased the drivers that Jesse was offended by their knees in their regulation uniform shorts.

He was very tolerant of the Havana Silk Puppy that we added to the family last year. The puppy wanted to play but by that time Jesse was really beyond the playing stage. When he tired of the teasing and jumping, there would be a very deep and loud "WOOF" and puppy would go scampering off, leaving Jesse in peace until the next time. Every time Jesse showed an interest in a cow hoof or other puppy chewable, the puppy would take it away from Jesse. Jesse would patiently look for something else to investigate until the little one came over to take of possession of that treasure as well. Jesse never complained or took back any of the loot grabbed by the newcomer.

Jesse was a marvelous companion on road trips, introducing us to all sorts of people in the many places we visited. In 2007, Jesse went with us on the Great River trip, driving from Maryland to Minneapolis and then down the Mississippi to New Orleans. In 2010, at the age of ten, Jesse traveled in a Honda Fit (which has a surprising amount of space with the back seats down) from Maryland, through Canada, to Alaska and back-a distance of 12000+ miles with 65 nights in hotels. During both of these trips, the somewhat arthritic Jesse accessed the vehicle by climbing his ramp to the command "Jesse, walk the plank!" He was always the perfect gentleman to all who came up to him (and almost everyone who saw him did come up to him). In Alaska, he probably shook as many hands to the command "Jesse, give me five!" as any politician. He would stride though hotel lobbies as if he were a visiting celebrity but never quite understood why he had to go into that little room (elevator) before he could go outside to do his business.

Oh, my sweet boy, how I will miss you! You aren't here to fret when I cry but I know that if you were here, you would bump with that magnificent head of yours and try to make it better. You can still make it better by running free, running free, beyond this kind of sorrow, always young, always loved, always remembered…

Jesse wades in the water at the beach at Talkeetna Alaska.
Three rivers converge at one of the most beautiful spots on this earth

Jesse “walking the plank” since he couldn’t jump into the car any more


This picture was taken on his 10th birthday which he celebrated with meatloaf for supper

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