Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


January 2000 to December 3rd 2010

Owned and loved by Adrienne and Fred Hammond, now so very sadly missed.

Bailey’s Story

Our telephone rang on New Year’s Eve 2000.

A one year old Bernese Mountain Dog boy had been rescued. He was already on the way to us, as we were willing to foster him.

He had been beaten and kicked by a horrible man who fancied himself a horse trainer, but did so with force and cruelty.

Bailey had been kept in a barn, and on a 3 foot chain. When he did escape he paid dearly with boot kicks and a dreaded stick. As the clock crept to midnight that New Years Eve, Bailey arrived. The old question: “Were you raised in a barn?” applied. He had never been in a house, so therefore was not trained. He stood just in front of us, and did as the horses with which he has lived, spread his legs, lowered his back, and peed with great force right into the carpet! One shriek from me, and he shot through the open back door, did his business, and came back in hurling himself onto Fred’s lap tipping the recliner.

Bailey was home! No fostering. Bailey was in his forever home, and our other two Bernese boys at the time, Ben and Louie made him welcome.

That was all 10 years ago, and life for Bailey was never unhappy again. Bailey was never again tied up, locked up, or in a cage. He always had at least one Bernese brother, and in recent years it has been Bosley 7 1/2, and Fenway 2.

Bailey has been a joy, so full of love, and a wonderfully enthusiastic boy. He loved all company, and greeted everyone with a “How do you like me so far?” attitude.

Bailey survived a malignant tumour 2 years ago, but sadly the big ‘C’ reared it’s ugly head again. We received the pathology report from Bailey's surgery, at which I was present, observing, and an oral tumour was indeed malignant. Acanthomatous amelobastoma.

We did not opt for mandible-ectomy surgery. Far too radical and debilitating for an old boy like Bailey, and not conclusive that it would help in the long run. Bailey had 4 more months of quality life.

Until this week Bailey’s days were still full of love, fun, food, (especially carrots) and brotherly antics; his nights spent snoring loudly by our bed. Today Bailey told us he’d had enough, and so Fred and I both held him in our arms as he slipped softly away from pain, and left to join our Destiny, Ben, and Louie at the Rainbow Bridge.

Run free dear Bailey…
Always Loving, Always Loved
Forever in our Hearts

With aching hearts, and eternal gratitude to Bailey's rescuers all those years ago.

Adrienne and Fred Hammond
Bosley and Fenway

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