Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Santera Caroling Lookn'Lucky

December 8th 1999 to March 14th 2011

Proudly owned, so much loved and now so very sadly missed by Sharon and George Hasenauer

We said farewell to our dear boy, Luke this afternoon. What a quiet place it is now, with no dogs. But those joyful barks will echo through out our memories and the years to come. What a joy and a privilege it was to have these lovely creatures in our lives. We are diminished by their absence but enriched by all they gave to us. My darling boy and girl, sleep well and in peace, but always running in the warm sunshine of eternity.

Sharon and George Hasenauer


Dec. 8th '10 - "Just wanted to share our joy in celebrating Luke's big 11th birthday today. He needs a bit more help getting around these days but enjoys lying in the cool grass, checking out the birds, and wondering when his dinner will be ready. He still loves those long car rides. He misses his life's companion, Frenchie, but brings us joy every day. Thanks to Sandy Novocin for this long-lived boy."

For Sharon and George's Veteran Angel, Frenchie
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