Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


Southwind's "Emma"

October 4th 1994 to June 20th 2008

So much loved and sadly missed by Penny Petrone


Last Friday night, in a stunningly swift development, our dear, sweet Emma suffered her final attack of laryngeal paralysis - a progressive condition that began well over a year ago. Her attack came out of nowhere, and nothing could relax her enough so that she could resume normal breathing. When we got to the emergency hospital, they told us that her laryngeral folds were totally paralyzed - causing fearfully labored breathing. This, coupled with the anemia that first appeared two weeks ago and had been slowly worsening, insured that she was not getting enough oxygen and could not survive much longer. We lost her less than three hours after the beginning of her final episode of LP.

Emma was a remarkable 13 years and 8 1/2 months old. Although we only had her for the last 3 1/2 of those years, it seems as if she has been part of our family forever. Her work with me as a registered Delta Soc. therapy dog brought great happiness to all those who she visited regularly - just as she brought joy to our family every day. It was a privilege to give back to her some of the health and happiness she was missing in her former life. We will always treasure the memories of our love for her and hers for us.

I like to think that she is at the Rainbow Bridge - pain free and with no more need of her wonderful little red shoes.

Penny Petrone

Emma and her little red shoes and understand how they made such a difference to her ability to get around in the last few weeks! I had bathroom, latex bcked rugs everywhere for her...like path ways through the entire house, but she always avoided them in favor of the cool floor. This picture was taken the day she died. I had no clue when I took it, that she would be gone by nightfall.

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