Celebrating our Bernese Veteran Angels

In Loving Memory of


Callistos Oracle over Avalon

March 30th 1996 to December 8th 2008

Sadly missed by Will Carmichael and family


Today we lost our beloved Avalon. She was just shy of thirteen years of age. She was the last of my original five and exceptional mother to some wonderful pups. This past summer we had surgery to remove a Grade 3 Spindle Cell tumour on her throat - unfortunately we didn't get it all and it grew back further up the throat. We made the decision to end her suffering this weekend as the tumour was compressing her bronchus now. She really hasn't enjoyed being on her own since the loss of the four other berners last year but she welcomed the new addition of BMD Gryphon to our family now 3 mths old. Avalon took to her mothering as she always did with enthusiasm and great patience. Gryphon often popped up from under the table with her head slicked down by "mom" Avalon's care.

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All five dogs, May 2004

We have enjoyed many good adventures with Avalon (and the rest of the crew now gone) over the years from swimming and canoeing at the cottage working with the school children during classes to enjoying the good old car rides and camping excursions. It was unfortunate she didn't live as long as her mother (almost fourteen)but she had an exceptional life and lived a good long time for a berner. She will be greatly missed.

for Avalon's Dam, MichaelAngelo Miroi, Veteran Angel Mike
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