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Sunny's Party!

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I bought these fantasy collars at the Gettysburg Specialty 2005 with view of a party for Sunny who will be 11 in October.

She has missed out on her Birthday Celebrations the last few years, last year was a few days before we lost Simmy to MH, year before was my brother Ken's funeral

Wth great sadness, I got back from the US and suddenly my girl was so very sick. We treated initially as a viral infection, as she was suddenly jaundiced, coax feeding and rehydrating pulled her through this crisis. Bloodwork the last few weeks and enlargement the liver and and spleen, we are suspecting cancer but today is a good day and we decided to celebrate my Girl and give her a Special Party now!!

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Special friends come to visit.

James and Henry have known her since a puppy!

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LOL! James and Henry have always loved to feed my dogs and do the "Sit, Wait!" routine with them.

The treats today are tiny bowls of gravy.

(Sunny's bowl is laced with some of the many medications she is on at the moment, powdered down and mixed in well. The gravy is tasty and she has competition!:-))

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"OK" Command and those bowls are licked clean in seconds!

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Loving My Dogs!

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Sweet Sunny Girl!

LOL! Wondering why my girl is looking bedraggled?

She is still WET!

Has been hottest day here UK for early June, was 90 F in the shade and 110 F in the sun, Sunny is now on Predisone which makes for a lot of panting anyway!

Keeping Sunny Cool!

Sunny stays cool

Sunny spent the best part of the hottest part of the day with towels wetted down and in the freezer for a while and then draped over!!

She Stayed SO COOL!

Sunny Girl

Looking forward to the future and Paws Crossed is cooler tomorrow!!

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