Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs, Sunny, Sim and Barney

Cassie comes to Visit!

Cassie is Barney's ex-owner, we have flouted all the Rescue Rules here, no further contact! Cassie has stayed in touch, mainly through phone calls, email and pics on the Longlease Site, has been a year now since Barney joined the Longlease Gang! Just recently Cassie has been to visit!

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"Oh, my Barney Boy! I have missed you so much!"

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"It's OK, Mum!"

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"You know you did the right thing! I am very happy boy!"

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"Me and Simbo are now the Terrible Twins!"

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"And Sister Sunny has not been too well recently but, honest, I have been gentle!
Tell us 'OK' and I promise I will not nick her treat!"

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Sim is keeping out of the way here, being so careful with Sunny!

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Barney is a happy boy in his new home and Cassie can still share!!

We have no problems and Cassie can come and visit, she stayed over the last weekend, has visited a few times recently! In a couple of weeks she will come over and stay and care for my Gang while I go off for a wedding.

Knows that she did the best thing ever when Barney came to live here, she was no longer able to care for him properly and he has a wonderful life here! And she can come and stay over and even help me out!

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