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The Longlease Bernese Mountain Dog

Gallery of Friends Page 4

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Happy Bernese Mountain Dog

Click on the Links below to meet my special friends & see their pages!

Crazy Kids
Bodhi Koda and Kenai Marley
Sergio and Hurley Berner Bodhi Berners Koda & Kenai Marley the Lap Dog

Leia and Link Special Spike Bernie Stella Blue
Leia and Link Special Spike Bernie, a Mini-Berner? Stella Blue

Maifest Leo and Arthur
Noah Berners on Parade Marley takes the plunge Ivana with
Leo and Arthur

Apple Graduates Rollinghills Shelties Nicky Neff Luca
Graduation Day
for Apple!
Rollinghills Shelties Berner Nicky Neff Anya's Luca

Berner Dinner Time
Charlie Breeze
Ellie Samson
Berners to Dinner? Charlie and Breeze Happy 9th Birthday,
Berner Samson

Leo Chase and CJ Pet Parade
Jamaica - the Great Pumpkin Lives
Berner Leo Chase and CJ Berner Pet Parade The Great Pumpkin Lives!

Riley is 7! Pat and Brew Digby Devyn
Happy 7th Birthday, Riley Pat and Brew Happy 9th Birthday,
The Carting Cocker

Octoberfest Gunnar Rigel and Isabella Cesar
Octoberfest Gunnar Rigel & Isabella Berner Pup, Cesar

Cowboy Marley Karen with Angel and Amika Black Jack
Berner Cowboy Berner {and 1 Swissy}
Karen's Berners
Angel & Amika
Black Jack

Nilah SAR Guinness and Alexa Roxy Miss Breeze
Nilah in her SAR vest Guinness and Alexa Roxy and Chris Happy 7th Birthday
Miss Breeze

Angel and Nila Daisey Skye BlueOctober Bernese
Angel and Nika Daisey Skye BlueOctober Bernese

Sisco Jones Brew and Luther Staubach Higgins
Sisco Jones Brew & Luther Staubach Bernese Higgins

Tango and Rio Frisco Vinnie Cody
Tango and Rio
Berner Frisco Belgian Tervuren
SARDS Toy Poodle

Kelly Tara Iris Sadye
Happy 11th Birthday
Berner Tara
becomes a Blood Donor!
Berner Iris Happy 3rd Birthday

Ulysses and Toby Berner Toby Stella Link
Ulysses and Toby
Berner Toby Baby Berner
Link Puppy

Berner Gus Puppy Neff

Friends' Gallery * Page 1 * Page 2 * Page 3 * Page 4 *
* The Dirty Dogs File *

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