In Loving Memory of


Lowenzein's Mysterious Bentley

December 29th 1999 to November 21st 2008

dx-ed Lymphosarcoma
B-G Dog ID = 20247

Loved and so sadly missed by Joyce, Jaye and Shannon Mills

"Today the light went out of our boy's eyes and he gave us the look that said he needed to be released. We did everything humanly possible to help him get well again, but it was not to be. When he went outside, he just lay there on the grass and I had to go out with the leash to take him inside. When we went to the Vet today, and the Vet touched his stomach and liver/kidney area he moaned and it told us that he was feeling pain there and that the Cancer had spread. It was so so hard to let him go. He was the light of our lives, a true heart dog. I think that Jaye, Shannon and I cried more for him than when our parents died. He gave such pure, unconditional love every minute of his life. He was such a sweet, gentle soul that anyone who met him, loved him. Kelly and Sadie just knew that he was dying. This is one of the saddest days of my life. I miss him so so much, but I would never have missed the journey. Thanks for you kind thoughts and prayers for our boy, Bentley. They helped guide him to heaven. He took part of our heart and soul with him."

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