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In Loving Memory of Bernese Mountain Dog


3rd June '98 to 28th August '04

Pat's beloved, Robert's buddy and Rhea & Bess's playmate

Bernese Mountain Dog, Thor, sadly lost to Systemic Histiocytosis
Bernese Mountain Dog, Thor

From a puppy Thor loved to travel by car. He even enjoyed sitting in the car while parked watching life go by. He had regular trips twice weekly up our local mountains during the winter and to the beach all through the year. He was both my companion and guard whilst out photographing. Thor loved to play pull with me and had many toys. He was extremely strong and found it easy to push in front of Bess and Rhea. He did not like anyone reading such time was to be used playing with him! He was so active.


BMD Thor with Newfie Rhea
In this picture with Thor is Rhea our rescued Newfoundland who loved Thor and watched over him.

(Rhea, 2/9/1999 to 9/6/2012)

Bernese, Thor, with Pal , Rhea, the Newfie
Thor with Sheep dog Bess

(Bess 4th Dec 1989 - 30th Sept 2005)

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Thor on the Beach

Thor, sadly missed by Bess, Rhea, and Pat & Robert Griffiths

For Thor's Dam, Bronte, now a Veteran Angel aged 13 yrs

For sister, Shula, now a Veteran Angel, who died the day before her 14th birthday

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