Histio Roll Call

In Loving Memory of our Bernese Mountain Dogs
lost to the worst possible type of canine cancer,
Canine Malignant Hystiocytosis!

Rainbow Bridge

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Bianca, BMD
4/29/95 - 1/14/03
loved by

Molly Bass
Bernese Mountain Dog, Winston sadly lost to Histio
1/8/98 - 1/4/03
loved by

Joye & Bill Neff
loved by Bailey

& Cheryl Bourgeois
6/12/94 - 12/3/02
loved by Tracy Lawrence

and Michael Arychuk

BMD Dakota
9/5/97 - 10/18/02
loved by Sharon
& Alan Greenberg

Bernese, Caolan, sadly lost to hystiocytosis
3/19/96 - 9/2/02
loved by
Sylvia Katvala and Family

{short description of image}
4/27/93 - 6/24/02
loved by the
Whitton-Smith Family
Berner Travis lost to MH
11/23/95 - 3/26/02
I loved you best
Cindy Reid

Ace sadly lost to Histio
loved by
Patricia Tackett
{short description of image}
6/29/97 - 6/30/00
loved by Sid
& Liz Steinweg
Bernese Branson sadly lost to hystiocytosis
3/6/97 - 4/19/00
the love of
Peg McQueary
Beautiful Berner, Tully
2/27/93 - 12/8/99
Loved by
Jennie Hoffnagle

Bernese Britt sadly lost to Histiocytosis
5/5/93 - 6/1/99,
loved by

Karen Connors
Hannibal, Bernese Mountain Dog, sadly lost to Histio
7/29/88 - 5/23/93,
loved by

Pat Long

Wendy, 10/12/87 - 4/16/94 loved by Susan Ablon gwebara@juno.com

Martin, 8/28/93 - 5/15/01 loved by Susan Ablon gwebara@juno.com

Ria, 2/4/98 - ll/4/02, loved by Mary and Lou Norris, Manassas, VA BriteShoes@aol.com

Arrow, 2/14/97 - 12/8/98, loved by Carol & Ken Lingley, Ijamsville, MD bernersrit@aol.com

Baraka, 7/4/94 - 7/1/01, loved by Debbie Sharlow, Victor NY tsharlo1@rochester.rr.com

Chalet, 11-27-86 - 2-9-97 loved by Kris and Clark Osojnicki, Stillwater, MN agileberners@visi.com

Dakota, 9/5/97 - 10/18/02, loved by Sharon & Alan Greenberg slgstl@earthlink.net

Hudson, 5/23/99 - 2/17/02, loved by JB Jenkins and family, Arlington VA

Tycho - 3/25/90 - 10/15/98, loved by John, Elizabeth & Mary Malcolmson elizabeth@malcolmson.org

Kobi, 1/20/91 - 2/22/97, loved by the entire Balsiger family ueliparent@aol.com

Riot, 11/98 - 2/02, Dana Pero dana@pero.tv

Deacon, 2/03/95 - 10/29/01...the truest friend and love I ever had. Carol Slider, NC cslider@bellsouth.net

Big Otis, 12/97-9/02, Maura Foster bugsotis@aol.com

Boo, 12/97-8/02, Maura Foster bugsotis@aol.com

Kandlewick's Alpine Tiffany, CD 5/4/80-1/22/88, Linda Berndt BernbrookBMD@aol.com

Shepherd's Patch Earl of Thad, CD 1/8/82-4/8/89, Linda Berndt BernbrookBMD@aol.com

Pelli 1/10/92 - 4/12/00 loved by Meg Auger,

Eagan, MN meg.auger@honeywell.com

Hannah Too, 8/15/87 - 12/04/90, Loved by Liz Bradbury, Scotland liz@full-house.demon.co.uk

Lausane 4/10/94---8/21/02 missing my big friend , Robert Fournier bradct007@aol.com

Crombie 12/26/91-02/17/02 hugely missed by Jennifer and Todd Zaayer, and his many friends tzaayer@adnc.com

Crystal 2/2/94 - 6/5/00, Sharon Gaffney gaff33@aol.com

Barney, 10/3/92 - 4/16/01, Jen & Peter Cunningham peterjen@optonline.net

Bandiet Boefjie Doema Lassie Musky Othello Panda
Bandeit Boefje Doema Lassie Musky Othello Panda

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<All loved by>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Willem Wijnberg
and sadly lost to Canine Histiocytosis over the last 36 years

Prayers for our Bernese that new research will find an answer,

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