In Loving Memory of Bernese Mountain Dog


Vom Berg's Rocket Scientist

February 1st 2000 to July 22nd 2006

Loved and sadly missed by Lisa Florin

"You blessed me with just two of your 6 1/2 years, a lifetime in my eyes. You enriched so many other lives beyond mine, and those that you touched through your certified therapy work desperately miss you too. Your living soul was that of no other, Rocket Man. Because of you I am forever changed. Hold tight to that piece of my heart you have with you in Heaven until we meet again."


Rocket (2/1/2000-7/22/2006)

Ever so gentle and patient with some of the many fosters who came through these doors.

Rocket and some of his therapy friends

Pat Longs says, "Rocket doing Berner Break-dancing?"
or in reality "Someone PLEEEEZ scratch my belly"

Rocket and his brother Rags, who is blind. Rocket became Rags' "eyes"


Two weeks before loosing his battle!

Rest in Peace my sweet, sweet boy.

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