In Loving Memory of Bernese Mountain Dog


July 10th 1999 to July 20th 2005

So sadly missed by
Bill, Michelle, Dylan, Saranac and Rudy

Bernese Mountain Dog, Dui
Dui (pronounced Dewey)

I am not sure what to say to share our story - it is so like the others. I could write forever about Dui - he had a great sense of humor, a great sense of play, he was very smart, he carried himself royally and had such a presence that was almost "unearthly". I never saw him swat at a bug or use his mouth to snap at flies. I never saw him be curious about another living thing or to hurt it! He did however, let me know if there was a human he did not trust around me. He did this is in a very gentle way - he never showed his teeth. It all occurred through his eyes and something unsaid - He never growled other than to play within the pack.

I took Dui to the Veterinarian on the 13th of July - and to a specialist for testing on the 17th. It was suspected he had Histio - they had never dealt with it. On the 20th I had to make the decision to help him cross over. He had no energy or strength left. He had a great diet, he was not vaccinated other than Rabies and the puppy vacs that he had before he came to me at 8 weeks. He was strong and healthy all his life!

We miss his physical presence everyday!!!!

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This picture is of my friend Rudy - as you can see he is very happy and he tells me daily that Dui is still with us, "we just can't see him with our eyes like we used to - but, he's everywhere, - I can feel him!!!!"

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Rudy chasing Dylan and Dui

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My husband and I with the Berners

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Dui and I two days before he passed

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