In Loving Memory of Bernese Mountain Dog

Wink's Chunk of Trouble

5/20/00 - 9/1/05

Loved beyond measure by Mark and Maria Nold

Bernse Mountain Dog, Chunk

Chunk was my first BMD, I had dreamed of getting a Berner for 3 years but had to wait until the time was right to get a puppy. From the first day we got Chunk he was the sweetest boy. He seemed to grow so fast, a week made a huge difference in his size. Before long he was a yr old and already having trouble with elbow displaysia. We did the best we could for Chunk, had both of his elbows operated so that he could enjoy life to the fullest. The operations helped, still arthritis had set into his joints and he always limped a little.

Chunk and Fancy

When Chunk turned 3 we got our 2nd Berner, Fancy, so that Chunk would have a friend. It was not until we got a healthy Berner that we knew the extent of Chunks pain in this legs. He was so much more mellow than her. But Fancy soon learned to be gentle with him and let him be alpha even though she could easily have taken over.

Chunk was a true momma's boy. If we went for a walk and he could not see me (if I was behind), he would sit down where ever, in the middle of the street, driveway, sidewalk, like a mule. No one could bulge him until he saw me coming. I always said my boy was very delicate. Of course everyone laughed, to see this beautiful, large, boy who would believe me? But my instinct was right. He had liver problems when he was 4. Prior to that I almost lost him to a nylabone block in this stomach. In his short life he had seen numerous doctors and underwent 4 surgeries.

Even with all the problems, we took Chunk on walks twice a day. During the summer, he went to the beach most weekends for a good swim. He had many dog friends in the neighborhood and loved his protector, Fancy. We went on vacation every year to either the beach or the mountains in Vermont. I think the mountains were his favorite. And he had our undying love. The histio was a complete shock for us. How could I possibly lose my boy at only 5 years of age? I held Chunk's face as I whispered all the words he knew (park, walk, beach, vacation, Fancy, Holly, treat, cookie, etc) in his ear as the vet administered the final shot. I picture his face every day and see the love in his eyes even at the end.

Chunk's Pawprint

When I read the other testimonials on the Roll Call, I am comforted.

Please include Chunk in this beautiful memorial.

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