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In Loving Memory of


BARC's Comet Comes Home

May 27th 2001 to August 17th 2011
CGC, CAP Therapy Dog

So much loved and so sadly missed by Janice Parky, Bruce Cagwin and Family

Our sweet Halley girl lost her battle with Malignant Histiocytosis today. She had a histiocytic sarcoma removed from her side in January, and it returned in her lungs in June. There is so much I could say about my little Hungarian Import who ended up in a puppy mill auction. She was rescued by BARC at 4 months of age, and come to us at 11 months, through the wisdom of Pat Long, who insisted to me that, "I want you to take her" when she was being rehomed, after her first owner was returning her to BARC. We didn't rescue Halley, she rescued us from the sadness of losing our first Berner at 4 years of age. My Border Collie in a Berner suit. Unlike many BARC or other rescues, Halley, once she settled in was a confident, outgoing (bossy?) girl. I think the greatest legacy she has left me, is the knowlege that temperament has such a strong genetic component. I wish her temperament on all Berners.

Fly free, sweet Halleyicious,

Janice Parky, Bruce Cagwin and Wrigley Cape Cod, MA

Warwick RI Specialty 2008

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