In Loving Memory of


Winter Wonder

December 24th 2005 to June 24th 2012

Our Miami Beach Berner
So much loved and so sadly missed by Lee Cohen Hare and Family

With very heavy hearts, we said goodbye to our noble fellow Freddie on June 24th, 2012. Freddie was the picture of health until he developed Histiocytosis in his spleen. He became anaemic, very weak, and lost his appetite. After surgery he had only a very brief period of decent quality of life, but became profoundly weak quickly.

We miss him so.

He came to live with us after his uncle Bert died at the very young age of 4 from Bloat. We got him when our children were 18 and six months and they all grew up together.

He lived on an island in Miami Beach with lots of other dogs. He loved his frequent walks on the island and especially loved having the female dogs jump all over him (which they all loved to do).

Although he missed the snow, he was surrounded by many creatures and humans who loved him dearly, including his parents and our friend Fifi. And he returned that love in spades – always nuzzling up to you in the hopes of getting lots of pets and cuddles. He would never tire of giving and receiving affection—even at his sickest.

Loving and being loved was his favorite activity. He was a loyal and very sweet soul, and left us all too soon. Truly a very special being.

In Loving Memory of

2/4/2002 to 3/12/2006

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