In Loving Memory of


Isafold vom Worblental

December 15th 2002 to October 20th 2009

My true soulmate, forever missed by Hafrun Stefansdottir


Folda was diagnosed with MH less than 3 weeks ago after having lost most of her appetite and 5 kilos in less than a month. She has truely been my soulmate and eventhough my other Berner, Dora, is here to comfort me, there will always be a huge void both in my heart and my life.

Folda was my first dog. She taught me as well as herself everything along the way and always knew before I did what was wanted of her. She earned her BH-I title mainly on her own, I was only there to enjoy the ride. She took to drafting purely by instinct, never really requiring to be taught or trained, and was never prouder than in front of her little wagon. She taught me to be self reliant, to stick by my decisions and follow them through. She's been so strong for me these last few days, never once complaining, only wanting to cheer me up in my sorrow at the aproach of the inevitable.

Today the time came for me to let her go while she still had some dignity in order to regain her strength, health and happiness at the rainbow bridge.

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