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In Loving Memory of


Sunshine's Northern Light

April 4th 2001 to June 2nd 2009

Loved and now so sadly missed by Mark and Maria Nold


It is with such sadness that we had to part with our girl Fancy. Shortly after her 8th birthday she turned away from her dinner and in my heart I knew what that meant. She had always been so healthy, never ill. I was sure she would be a veteran Berner but it was not to be. Our home is so empty without her. As it is with our Berners, they have a huge presence and give big love. When they leave, the void is unbearable.

Our beautiful girl came to us when she was 1 ½ yrs old. She was such a stunner, gorgeous white bib, perfect markings. During our time together, she often took my breath with her beauty.

I recall her first night with us, in preparation, we put the kennel in our room next to the bed. That night, after the lights were turned off, she made the slightest whimper. We immediately put her in bed with us and that was the end of the kennel.

In her youth, she was rather hyper for a Berner. She would chase a lightening-fast little vizsla at the park; in those days we called her "Fancy-wolf." She excelled at counter surfing. Her most notable catches were a cantaloupe (which she ate rind, seeds, and all), a chicken carcass (which required an emergency room visit), $60 cash (which does not come out in any discernable form), and the Christmas morning cinnamon rolls. I think she had the heart of a dancer; she craved attention, she did a funny little cross step, she would twirl at dinnertime, and she wagged her tail like a whirly-gig.

As the years passed, she mellowed into a wonderful companion for us, our boy Chunk, and later to Tucker. She was all love and hugs. We called her "Berry" or "B" which was short for Berrypie. She came to enjoy being in the garden with me. While we worked out side, she would nap in the shade and oversee our projects. She turned out to be a good gardener too, as she loved to eat dirt, sit in dirt, and dig in the dirt. We will place her ashes in the garden next to Chunk's, in her favorite digging spot shaded by flowering branches.

Fancy in Vermont on vacation.

First night at our home. Chunk on left, and Fancy on the right focus on a treat.

Fancy (laying down) and Tucker enjoying a spring day.

Fancy, on left, and Tucker posing in the garden.

My beautiful girlfriend.

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