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Recent Updates June 26th 2011

For the latest news on Jean, her Bernese Mountain Dogs, Pixie, Herb and the rest of the Gang.

And for the most recent additions to our site, check out the quick links below:

Bernese Mountain Dogs, Pixie and Herb My Gang
  • We are Family!
    Meet Herb's Grandson, Fergus NEW PICS ADDED!
    Introducing Herb's Son Cash
Fundraising Berner Shop Celebrating our Berner Veterans aged 10+
  • Introducing Atlas, Tarra and Juno
  • Happy 12th Birthday, Panzer born May 8th 1999
  • Happy 14th Birthday, Poppy born May 25th 1997
  • Happy 13 3/4 yrs Birthdays, Maddie and Pepper NEW PIC ADDED!
  • Happy 11th Birthday Jethro born June 13th 2000
  • Happy 10th Birthday, Tobie born May 26th 2001
  • Happy 10th Birthday, Halley born May 27th 2001
  • Happy 10th Birthday, Charm born May 31st 2001
  • Happy 10th Birthday, Marley born June 7th 2001
Friends Gallery - Page 6 In Loving Memory Bernese Art Gallery Berner Articles and Info Histio Roll Call
  • RIP Logan died October 15th 2009 aged 5 yrs
  • RIP Skylar March 18th 2005 to May 5th 2010
  • RIP Fiere December 17th 2003 to August 20th 2010
  • RIP Bogey died April 4th 2011
  • RIP Flash August 1st 2002 to April 16th 2011
  • RIP Talli March 10th 2002 to May 24th 2011
  • RIP McCoy April 23rd 2001 to June 13th 2011
  • RIP Fabio January 6th 2004 to June 25th 2011
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Lost and Found

STILL MISSING - BMD's Mercy, Chelsea, Rocky, Sutton, Molly and Swissy Hanna

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Rescue Logo

BMD Rescue Bulletin Board
for our Berners in need of
"Forever Homes"

Thirdtyme Rescue
Mount Gilead, OH

bernese and newfies

Bernese Mountain Dogs, Sim, Sunny & Barney

Bernese Puppy in the shade

Berner Pup with fluffy toy.

Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs - Puppy Sam

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Bella

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Pics above, check out
Willem's Page on Berner Art

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Happy Bernese Mountain Dog

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