Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Family Pager

Congratulations Zeta!

Simmy's Gt. Niece has given birth to five healthy Berner pups.
(Hey, Simbo that makes you a Great, Great Uncle!)

Five healthy Bernese Mountain Dog Pups

Simmy's five Bernese Mountain Dog Gt. Gt. Nephews and Nieces

From Lorraine 03/09/02
"My Zeta has babies...ahhh! Doesn't she look pleased with herself & so she should, bless her!
3 boys, 2 girls. Photo goes boy, girl, boy, girl & last but not least, boy- nick-named Zorro for obvious reasons. "

Gt. Niece, Bernese Zeta

"Hey, Simbo! You are a Gt. Gt. Uncle now!" says Zeta!

Berner pups are two and a half weeks

These wee Berner pups are now two and a half weeks old.

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