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Expectant Bernese Mountain Dog, Sweetie
Chris and Herb's beautiful Berner Lady, Sweetie.

Sweetie, heavily pregnant and with just a few days to go, reacquaints herself with the whelping box.

Berner lady, Sweetie in the snow
"Stay inside me cosy and warm a few more days, it's cold out here!"

Watch this space for pics of the new pups!! Anytime now!


We are exhausted, but pleased to announce that at 1 AM Tuesday, March 18th, Sweetie gave birth to 9 Blessings~~~~6 Boys and 3 Girls...... Puppies and Mom are doing great, and when we get the chance, we will send you photos of their first nursing.....By the way Sweetie is no regular Mom, she is a 'SUPER MOM', for in 3 litters she has given us 29 robust pups, 10, 10, and now 9......This was her retirement litter, and will now officially be a 'couch potato'!!!

Berner Mum Sweetie nursing
Sweetie nurses half the litter

Sweetie, BMD, nursing
Now the other half! At the milk bar.

Hmm! You might ask, nine pups, I count ten!
Well, Sweetie's sister, Cassie, gave birth to single Berner Pup last week and they are now sharing nursing duties

<click here> for Prince Valiant and Cassie's page

Bernese in the whelping box
Sweet Sharing Sisters!

Bernese Pups in a pile
Berner Pups in a pile!

A few days later

Berner pups nursing Berner Pups nursing2

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