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The Freckles Express.
A Rescue Story.

Freckles, Springer Spaniel

Hi, my name is Freckles! My earliest memory was a pretty scary time. It must have been about 50 dog years ago in Northridge, California. (1994) After something scary called an earthquake, I was found wandering in the streets. I didn’t know where my family was and I sure didn’t know my way home. Everything looked - well, different! Some nice people found me and took me to a shelter where I was judged to be about 2-3 years old. Then people came and looked at all of us who were found that way. Some dogs found their real families. A nice lady named Joy and her husband adopted me and spoiled me rotten. In time I had a younger Springer sister named Speckles, and seven cats.

But life changes and isn’t always fair. One by one my companions were taken away to new homes, and I was very sad. I didn’t know why this was happening, but now I know it’s something called divorce. Joy and I moved several times in three years. In 2002, Joy had tried to place me with rescue groups in California, but no one wanted me because of my age. They said I was too old and not adoptable. People said I should be ‘put down.’ I guess I’m about 9, now. Say, that’s not so old for a Springer! Joy found a place called Happy Tails Kennel in San Luis Obispo, California, which was a regular kennel, doggie day care and they had just started doing adoptions. Diann and Connie agreed that I should come stay there because Joy was getting married again and her new husband’s dog attacked me and let me know I was not welcome! The adoption part is up in front, and every day when people came to pick up their dogs, I would look wistfully out of the fence, wishing someone would pick me up, too. An ESRA volunteer named Gary also volunteered time at Happy Tails, and he talked them into listing me on ESRA’s website Shelter Page. I guess people can see this wherever they are.

A lady in Ohio saw my picture and said I make her laugh because I look like Walter Matthau. I flew to Ohio on March 22, 2002, on a Continental nonstop flight. My new Mom calls it The Freckles Express. It took me a long time to figure out I would be staying here, and I did lots of things wrong at first, but I have a Springer sister again named Pooh. She’s 11 and she had lost her sister in January, so we both were lonely. I’m a little taller, but about the same weight. When she wasn’t snarling at me the first week, we walked together and that broke the ice between us. I sure think I’m a lucky boy! I get to sleep in bed and get lots of belly rubs and “chesties.”

Oh yeah, here’s a picture of my new family!

Freckles and family

That’s Pooh. Mom and ME!
This rescue Idea is a pretty neat thing, if you ask me!
Woo woo woo!


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