English Springer Spaniel, Freckles.
Lynnea and Pooh's New Friend.

Springer Spaniel Freckles

"After Patches passed, Pooh and I talked it over and joined ESRA - English Springer Rescue America http://www.springerrescue.org/ I've been checking the shelters nationally and notifying our shelter coordinator of any Springers I've found. As time went on, Pooh began to show signs of separation anxiety, so it became apparent that a new friend was in order for her. Freckles has been with us for two weeks now. I found him on the ESRA website in a shelter in San Luis Obispo, California. He had lost his female Springer friend and seven cat friends, all children of divorce. The shelter in California was new to adoptions and was thrilled that someone in Ohio wanted "their" Freckles! He looks like Walter Matthau and that made me laugh! Pooh had her lip in a snarl the first day to let him know who was boss. Walking them together was the great icebreaker, as he is about the same size as Patches was. Within the next week or so I will be getting more pictures taken and posting a "Happy Endings" story with ESRA.

Lynnea, Pooh & Freckles
Angel Patches left her paw prints on our hearts!"
<find Patches Memorial Page Here>

"Just a couple of pictures of Pooh and me together before Freckles came to us. In the one you can see we're "talking" things over. Should make you smile today!"

Lynnea talks to Pooh Lynnea and Pooh

And from Lynnea, July 11th '02-
At long last some pictures of us taken together in March shortly after Freckles arrived, right after he was groomed. Note the original fuzzy feet and his groomed feet! I wore my ESRA shirt for the shoot! <grin>

Freckles, Pooh and Lynnea

Freckles, Lynnea and Pooh

update 31st August 2002
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