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Liz's Easter with her Newfies,

and introducing Pepper the Cat!

from Liz Bradbury, Scotland, UK, Easter 2006
"here are some doggy photos which I'm really pleased to be able to share!"

Liz's Newfies

Liz's Newfies

"At Christmas I was sure that Toby wouldn't be here to celebrate Spring, but 4 months on, he's doing really well. He was showing signs of lameness again this week, 3 weeks after his last acupuncture session, so Gillian came up and needled him yesterday. Today he's full of beans and for the first time in 6 months, actually asked to go for a walk rather than be comforted with a pig's ear at home. I took him up the road to meet Malcolm & the girls on their way back through the paddock after *their* walk and he nearly pulled me off my feet. He leaped into the paddock and started to run, that's right RUN, down the slope, over uneven tussocks of grass to get to Maggie (my heart was in my mouth as I saw in my mind's eye his back legs splaying like a giraffe's and him unable to get up just like a giraffe wouldn't. Why a giraffe? Well, I saw one collapse at a park in the south of England and it was the most upsetting thing you can imagine. It was euthanized...) Anyway, Toby made the dash successfully and had a wonderful time catching up on all his sniffing!

Toby also dearly loves 'his' cat, Dr Pepper (more than us at times I think); the cat is usually be seen sporting a punk style hair-do where Toby has slobbered all over him. Toby has slobbered all over him. Recently they seem to be spending a lot of time lying in the middle of the kitchen floor just mooning over each other.


Newfie, Toby, and Pepper the Cat

Toby and Pepper

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