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From Karen Alexander, April 24th '04:

"I want you to meet someone I met in Cindy's obedience class last year. Her name is Willow and she needed a new home and now she is Willow Alexander! Clover and Cindy really like her and she likes them! She has been here one week today. I need help deciding what she is a cross with. any ideas? My vet suggested a Brittany Spaniel. The former owner said Am Fox Hound. She weighs 42 pounds, spayed with a very thick but straight coat. and she is about two years of age. Cindy is so huge now she can put Willow's head in her mouth! They are begining to play but poor Willow is overwhelmed with my big puppies desire to play with someone she can't do anything but defend herself right now. I am sure in a few weeks that will change because Willow's best buddy was a Golden so I am confident she can hold her own. Clover is so happy not to have Cindy bugging her all day she is smiling all the time at me. "

Willow the Mystery Dog
Willow the Mystery Dog

In this pic to me she looks to have a spaniel look about her!

Willow Bernese Cross?
Willow in Stealth Hound Mode!

Willow the Mystery Berner Cross?

Now in this pic Willow looks like a Bernese Mountain Dog!

All ideas for what sort of a cross Willow is, mail Karen at:


For pics of Cindy and Clover
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