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Fonzie and Stuffie

The story of a woman who had a stuffed Berner that her husband took to school
and a little girl fell in love!

Suzanne's original post to berner-l

Hi L-ers, I need to locate a nice size stuffed berner. If you have one you can part with, I am willing to pay for it. Maybe someone will be able to tell me where to locate one that they saw. Either way I need help.

About 10+ years ago my husband bought me a stuffed berner that sits about 2 feet tall. It was mine to hug as we had lost Avi about 1 1/2 years before that. We were not in a position at that time to get a breathing berner:( but my stuffie kind of worked. Sometimes it "sat" near me. Later as me kids got older it "sat" near them. It always brought tears to my eyes as I thought of Avi and my dreams to someday have another (Thanks to Cheryl we have our own breathing berner. Fonzie will have been ours one year on the 20th of this month. Happy 1st anniversary Fonzie.)

This past school year my husband took my Stuffie to school. He used it with his 4th grade class. The kids were allowed to snuggle or cuddle or just sit near it as they read their books during their reading time. Kevin had a little girl in his class who was going through a very rough time on the home front. There were many times outside of the reading hour that she felt the need to cuddle that berner, even have a good cry. Kevin didn't care if she missed recess. She needed time with her "therapy dog"

In fact he wants to give her that dog. He asked me the other day if he could mail it to her so that Stuffie can continue to help with her therapy. I'm inclined to let him but there are tears in my eyes as I think of parting with my Stuffie. I did let him know that he could not take my Steiff and I could not let him have the large berner that Candi sent Nate. (He still cuddles with it, either in bed or my living room) In fact I did say yes but I also told him to let me write to everyone here. Maybe we can 1) find the twin for her or 2) be able to locate a few new berners for the classroom. If he starts giving them away each year that the dog goes into Therapy mode, I will need a steady supply for his class:0) I appreciate any and all help I can get with this"

Fonzie and Stuffie

Fonzie and Stuffie

Sorry it's taken awhile to get a picture of Stuffie for you all. I had my 17 year old bring Stuffie in from the car so that I could look for a identifying label or tag but they were long gone. I knew that I needed to get a picture of Fonzie and the Stuffie for the little girl too. I had decided to do it the next day.

I put Stuffie on the couch and went to bed. My husband was up and later put Fonz in his kennel. The next morning I got up and noticed some fluff and bits of black stuff on my living room floor. I was a bit perplexed and wondered which dog toy had bit the dust last night. Went on to pay the bills. When finished I went on a search for the destroyed dog toy. Never did find a dog toy but did find Stuffie sitting on the couch. He now sported a torn up nose. Guess I now know where the fluff and bits of black stuff came from:0O

I immediately went to Wal-Mart and bought three different things that might make a good nose. Showed them to Kevin and we decided on a thick black felt. Took me three days to get up the courage to sew on the patch and give Stuffie the nose he now deserved. It turned out real good too. Now Stuffie is sitting high up on a game table where Fonz can only admire him from afar:) Stuffie will go to his new home this week. He will also have a note and picture from the Fonz of the two of them. (included) Oh well, life is never dull when one has a Berner.

I need to thank you for trying to help us out. I received a number of responses. Some reminding me to go to Berner-Garde for a Steiff. Others reminding me of Walgreens and Toys R Us. I did locate a small 15 " guy at Toys R Us that I bought. Toni and Patt have generously given my husband some new stuffies for his room. In return I am making donations this week to Berner-Garde and BARC. This will bring our numbers up to 4. It's a running joke now that Kevin will be having his "S" (Stuffie) Litter at school for his reading time. This is the only litter we will ever have as all our guys are altered:) Thank you everyone for all your help. I will try to keep up with all the Berner sitings and maybe be able to get a few more as the year goes by. This way we will never be without a few of the guys from our one and only "S" litter:))

Once again thank you all so much

Suzanne, Kevin and the Fonz in NV"

Stuffie {short description of image}

Stuffie and his new nose!

The S - Litter!

I went to Toys r Us and bought the little guy that is laying down in front; Patt sent us the other guy in the front who is also laying down, Little Lewis. He has beautiful dark markings. The three in the back are Stuffie( getting mailed out tomorrow) and Hendrik and Emma, they came from Toni.

In the very back is my husband Kevin. He was so excited about the arrival of his S-litter. I'm amazed how they all came on the same day. June 24th, 2008. Patt's guy showed up about 20 minutes after Toni's two guys got here. Just like a real litter:-) This picture also includes the Fonz. He insisted on being in the shot too:-)

The little girl's mom and Kevin spoke a couple of weeks ago so she is aware that Stuffie will be arriving shortly. She thought it was a great idea. She hopes that he continues to be a comfort for her daughter too. I hope that they let us know how things are going for the little girl. Kevin should see her at school off and on this next year so maybe she will tell him how much Stuffie likes his new home.

I love the way our Berners can be a Blessing to others even those that are all "stuffed up and full of themselves."

Thanks for all your help.

Suzanne and whole family with new S-Litter in NV.

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