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Free Ticket Bonanza - Page Two Items 31 - 60

BGF logo ITEM 31

with thanks to
Bonnie Conrad

Stuffed berner that barks and moves his paws when you pat his back

WINNER IS: Sue Hoffman
stuffed bern

{short description of image} ITEM 32

Anonymous donor

Rawhide Treat Pack

WINNER IS: Judy Fowler
Rawhide treat pack

{short description of image} ITEM 33

with thanks to
Donna Kuyper

"You Can Move a Mountain,
but you can't Budge a Big Dog" shirt
size Large

WINNER IS: Cathy Burlile
Big Dog shirt

{short description of image} ITEM 34

with thanks to
Pat Tackett

3 Swiss pins:-
Outline of Country
Swiss Shield

WINNER IS: Lisa Seretto
3 Swiss pins

{short description of image} ITEM 35

Anonymous donor

Tan Bernese Mountain Dog Shirt
size Small (34-36)

WINNER IS: Caroline Auth
Bernese Mountain Dog shirt

{short description of image} ITEM 36

with thanks to
2003 BMDCA Specialty Committee

2 - "I Click" Clickers

(2 winners will be drawn)

Christy Parr and Connie van den Berge-Vissers
" I Click" Clickers

{short description of image} ITEM 37

with thanks to
Susan Downing-Thompson

Full body Berner pin
2 1/2 inches long

WINNER IS: Gael Goldsack
Bernese Pin

{short description of image} ITEM 38

with thanks to
Pat Tackett

16 inch short leather lead

WINNER IS: Kathy Koehler
short leather lead

{short description of image} ITEM 39

Anonymous donor

Floral Magnetic Shopping List & Magnet

WINNER IS: Kathy Koehler
Floral magnetiscshopping list and magnet

{short description of image} ITEM 40

with thanks to
Amy Jacksic

5.5 x 7 Dog frame

WINNER IS: Judy Fowler
Dog Frame

{short description of image} ITEM 41

Anonymous donor

Patriotic Tennis Ball
& Mighty Dog Toothbrush

WINNER IS: Breanne Dunaway
Tennis Ball & Toothbrush

{short description of image} ITEM 42

Anonymous Donor

"By My Side - A Tale of the Heart"

- written by Pittsburgh, PA physician Emanuel Mamatas.

This is a touching story about a relationship between a man and his dog.

WINNER IS: Marjie Cherry
"By My Side - A Tale of the Heart" Book

{short description of image} ITEM 43

with thanks to
Joye Neff

Paper Placemats & Napkins

WINNER IS: Judy Benoit
Paper place mats and napkins

{short description of image} ITEM 44

with thanks to
Joye Neff

Light One Candle
"Meet Me in the Lobby" scarf

WINNER IS: Debbie McKinley
"Meet me in the Lobby" Scarf

{short description of image} ITEM 45

with thanks to
Dawn McCollum

"The Bernese Mountain Dog Today"
book by Dr. Malcolm B. Willis

a comprehensive book of our breed

WINNER IS: Donna Wiles
"The Bernese Mountain Dog Today" Book

{short description of image} ITEM 46

with thanks to
The Proutts

National Geographic
Working Breeds - Bernese Mountain Dog - photo by Walter & Weber

WINNER IS: Lois Leidahl-Marsh
Bernese Mountain Dog photo

{short description of image} ITEM 47

with thanks to
Deborah Behr

Paint by Number Berner Puppies

WINNER IS: Lois Leidahl-Marsh
Paint by Number Bernese Puppies

{short description of image} ITEM 48

with thanks to
Three Rivers Bernese Mountain Dog Club - Pittsburgh, PA

Three mini milk cans with TRBMDC logo
9 inches tall

Three winners will be drawn

WINNERS ARE: Debbie McKinley, Dino Candelaria and Judy Fowler
Mini Milk Cans with TRBMDC logo

{short description of image} ITEM 49

with thanks to
Joye Neff

Berner with four puppies in green frame
size 9 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches

WINNER IS: Nikki Walsh
Bernese with 4 puppies frame

{short description of image} ITEM 50

Anonymous donor

Berner Afghan
size 50 x 68
in loving memory of Memphis,
who crossed to the Rainbow Bridge recently from mast cell cancer at the way too young age of 2 years 2 months

WINNER IS: Gwen Geis
Berne Afgan

{short description of image} ITEM 51

with thanks to
Caroline Auth

24x12 inch pin up board
with dog material featuring a berner

WINNER IS: Christy Parr
Pin-up board

{short description of image} ITEM 52

with thanks to
Susan Kowitz

Cami Kriner matted print of drafting Berner

WINNER IS: Christy Parr
Cami Kriner print

{short description of image} ITEM 53

with thanks to
Caroline Auth

3 dimensional berner musical birthday card

WINNER IS: Sharon Greenberg
musical birthday card

{short description of image} ITEM 54

with thanks to
Bobbie Abern

42 inch long Berner Bell Pull

WINNER IS: Candy Konicki
Berner Bell Pull

{short description of image} ITEM 55

with thanks to
Bobbie Abern

Doggone Good Bait Bag

WINNER IS: Nikki Walsh
Doggone Good Bait Bag

{short description of image} ITEM 56 - Photo 1

with thanks to
Eva Murray

Basket of Goodies
in 12 inch high basket

WINNER IS: Leannae
Basket of Goodies

{short description of image} ITEM 56 - Photo 2

As you can see, Nicky was VERY interested in the contents:

2 pair polar booties - size XL
20 inch collar and leash
24 inch collar and leash
dog bowl
dog bowl mat
2 squeeky toys
bottle of shampoo
"101 Ways to Enjoy Your Dog" book

Nikki with basket of goodies

{short description of image} ITEM 57

wth thanks to
Bobbie Abern

Three different sized bone shaped cookie cutters

WINNER IS: Sharon Greenberg
Bone shaped cookie cutters

{short description of image} ITEM 58

with thanks to
Susan Kowitz

Apron with Cooking Berner
"The cook is not responsible for the DOG HAIR in the food"

WINNER IS: Andie Reid

{short description of image} ITEM 59

with thanks to
Sue Sanvido

Deco Dogs
"Berner pulling wagon"

WINNER IS: Jack Lytle
Deco Dogs "Berner pulling a waggon"

{short description of image} ITEM 60

with thanks to
Sue Sanvido

Deco Dogs
"Toy Box with Berner in it "

WINNER IS: April & Coral Van Buren
Deco Dogs "Berner with Toy Box"

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