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Results of the 6th Annual Fundraiser
on behalf of the Berner-Garde Foundation

Stewards of the Open Bernese Mountain Dog Database

The Berner-Garde Foundation (BGF) was established to collect, maintain and disseminate information about genetic diseases observed in the Bernese Mountain Dog. The BGF is comprised of a voluntary Board of Directors, several committees and, at it's core, a computerized database. The database contains information which has been compiled over many years from voluntary submissions of data from owners and from other public sources of information.

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But more funding is needed to help this Foundation continue in it's magnificent work

Please help with a Donation to this cause:

All cheques should be sent to Joye Neff.

If the cheque is in US Dollars, make it payable to Berner-Garde, otherwise make it payable to Joye Neff. She can deposit foreign cheques without any fees.

Send your cheques to:

Joye Neff
1182 Firwood Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15243

Berner-Garde Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization, and all donations are tax deductible for US Tax purposes.

The information in the BGF database is now available online to owners, breeders, veterinarians and researchers who are working to reduce genetic disease in the Bernese Mountain Dog.

In addition to maintaining the database, the Berner-Garde Foundation funds research studies aimed at reducing the health problems found in Bernese Mountain Dogs. Research proposals and grants are approved on a case-by-case basis by the Board of Directors.

The Berner-Garde Information Pamphlet is now available online.


And from Joye Neff 11th July '04


As you all know, I set a goal for our Berner-Garde Foundation Fundraiser of $8,000, hoping that we would hit that goal. The Berner-Garde Trustees had also hoped that by raising awareness of our NEW, IMPROVED Berner-Garde Foundation Database, we could also generate more entries of past and present Berners, past and present Berner Litters and updates to those Berners already in the Database. We had two generous Berner people help us with our attempts to hit our goals by making challenges, which did exactly what we had hoped it would do! The challenges were not for monetary donations made, but for people to enter their Berners and litters into the Database and to update their Berners already on the Database.

Challenge #1 ~ A generous donor pledged to donate $10 for every entry and update made in the Berner-Garde Database, up to $3,000. I am most happy to report that we not only did we hit this challenge, but we surpassed it! From May 24th through July 8th, there were 477 entries made into the Berner-Garde Database!!!!!!!!! That is truly AWESOME!!!! With this great showing, we did get the $3,000 from our generous donor!! THANK YOU, CHALLENGER #1, for making this challenge.

Challenge #2 ~ Another generous donor pledged to donate $20 for every litter entered in the Berner-Garde Database, up to $600. I am most happy to report that we also hit this challenge. There were 31 litter entries in the Database, so we just squeeked by getting our 30 litters so we could get the $600 Challenge. Whew!!!!!

Now, this is not the time for all of us to just sit on our laurels and bask in the glory of what we have just accomplished, because there are still a HUGE number of Berners and Berner litters, both past and present, who still need to be entered into the data base. I also know that there are still a HUGE number of updates for both past and present Berners which still need to be entered into the database, especially date and cause of death. By entering this data, you are truly helping the Berner community and helping researchers and breeders in their ability to thoroughly research lines and diseases. PLEASE make sure that YOUR BERNERS, both past and present, are fully entered and updated in the Berner-Garde Foundation Database. PLEASE spread the word ~ if each of us just entered and updated our own past and present berners and then encouraged just two other people, who are not on the Berner-l, to do the same, it would be a HUGE benefit to the Berners of the Future!!!

THANK YOU to the wonderful people who worked so hard during our Berner-Garde Fundraiser to get everything entered into the Database. Pat Long is the File Manager of the Berner-Garde Datbase , and I am in awe of her ability to juggle so many "balls" at the same time. THANK YOU!! The Site Operators for the Database, who worked overtime during our fundraiser are Jack Lytle, Ron Smith, Maria Crifasi, Roxanne Bortnic, Sylvia Katvala, Dianne Atkins, Ann Skinner and Mie Kingsley and they all deserve a "WELL DONE" from all of us!!! THANK YOU!!

NOW ~!~!~!~!~!~You may be wondering if we actually did hit our goal of $8,000 ~!~!~!~!~!~

I have in my possession right now checks totalling $6,252.90 AND I have additional pledges for $3,144.50. IF I get all of those pledged checks, then our GRAND TOTAL will be: ~!~!~!~!~!~~!~!~!~!~!~$9,397.40~!~!~!~!~!~~!~!~!~!~!~


And don't forget that your generous donations to The Berner-Garde Foundation are tax deductible!!!

THANK YOU to all of the generous people who donated the wonderful prizes for our Berner-Garde Foundation Bonanza ~ the tickets were FREE, but I know that encouraged many people to make donations to the fundraiser at the same time. Thanks also to the people who requested tickets for your friends and breeders ~ this definitely increased awareness of The Berner-Garde Foundation.

THANK YOU to all of the people who sent donations to our Fundraiser and who entered their Berners and Litters and who updated their Berners and Litters in the Database.

THANK YOU to Jean Cheesman for her terrific website telling about our Berner-Garde Foundation Fundraiser and showing everyone the great items we had in our Berner-Garde Foundation Bonanza so they could request FREE TICKETS for themselves and others.

THANK YOU, to the people who have sent checks to help with the postage for sending the prizes to the winners. So far, I have $15 towards the mailoing of the items, with several other pledges for more money.

THANK YOU TO OUR BERNERS!!! Without them we wouldn't know each other or be able to be a force to work for their benefit.

The president of The Berner-Garde Foundation and former President of the BMDCA, Lori Jodar sent a note thanking everyone for their support: Congratulations to the winners but most of all thank you to everyone who donated prizes, everyone who participated and most of all, Thank you Joye for another successful Bonanza!

THANK YOU to the Trustees of The Berner-Garde Foundation: Lori Jodar, David Kitchin, Teresa Godfrey, Nancy Melone, Roxanne Bortnic, Nancy Steward, Pat Long, Joye Neff, Mary Maliarik and Gary Galunas.

It is through our group efforts that we were able to make this 6th Annual Berner-Garde Foundation Fundraiser such a success!!!


2004 Berner-Garde Free Tickets Bonanza


from Joye, July 5th

"The drawing began last night around 7 p.m. My son, Jay. and his two daughters, Gracie, who celebrates her 2nd birthday on Saturday, and Isabella, who celebrated her first birthday in June, were here for dinner. Jay's wife, Lisa, worked a 12 hour shift in the Emergency Room so she couldn't join us. Since I had two very willing participants in the drawing, I let them help choose some of the first winning tickets!!! They thoroughly enjoyed their job, but enjoyed even more, playing with the tickets after the winner was drawn.

By the way, we had 9,015 tickets in this drawing and there were 609 people enrolled in the Bonanza. Some of those people were doubles because sometimes people asked for tickets for themselves and other times they received tickets as gifts from others."

Berner-Garde Foundation the Winners are!
A very special ticket draw

"My two "helper" granddaughters drawing the winning ticket for Bernd Guenter's wonderful book,
The Bernese Mountain Dog - A Dog of Destiny.
Item 73 - The 15x18 inch envelope for Bernd's book was stuffed to the top with tickets of people hoping to be the winner.
The lucky winner was Judy Benoit, from California. "


B-G Logo ITEM 1

with thanks to:
Moe Toys

Colossal stuffed spider


WINNER IS: Cindy Reid

B-G Logo ITEM 2

with thanks to:
Faith Hopperstad

31 x 42 Denim dog mat
with Berner in one square

WINNER IS: Andrea Brin
berner mat

{short description of image} ITEM 3

with thanks to:
Lynne Hawkinson & Sue German

Red plaid BMDCA Robe

WINNER IS: Kellie Whitton

{short description of image} ITEM 4

with thanks to:
BMDC of Northern California

Berner paper towel holder


WINNER IS: Jill Weir
paper towel holder

{short description of image} ITEM 5

Anonymous donor

New style choke collar

24 inches

WINNER IS: Karen Jacobs
Choke Collar

{short description of image} ITEM 6

with thanks to:
By Jove - Eve Lapolla

2 Berner Tiles with cork backing

6 x 6 inches

byjove@columbus.rr.com http://www.byjove.net

WINNER IS: Donna Howard
Berner Tiles

{short description of image} ITEM 7

with thanks to:
2004 BMDCA Specialty Committee

Soft red Berner neck scarf

WINNER IS: Fay Benson
Neck Scarf

{short description of image} ITEM 8

Anonymous Donor

Larz stretch collar
which relieves pressure on the neck
23 inches

WINNER IS: Kim Morrow
Larz Stretch Collar

{short description of image} ITEM 9

Anonymous donor

Nylon purse with strap and
outside cell phone pocket

WINNER IS: Ruth Nielsen
Nylon Purse

{short description of image} ITEM 10

with thanks to:
Alpen Schatz
Mary Dawn DeBriae

Hand painted wooden Berner plaque


WINNER IS: Libby Kesner
Berner Plaque

{short description of image} ITEM 11

with thanks to:
Grand Canyon State BMD Club

Hand painted Swiss Cow Bell
with Leather Strap


WINNER IS: Carolyn Fleming
Band painted bell

{short description of image} ITEM 12

with thanks to:
Lynne Hawkinson

Berner Leash Hook

WINNER IS: Janice Parky
Leash Hook

{short description of image} ITEM 13

with thanks to:
Pat's Embroidery - Pat Helmbold

Red polartec type jacket
with embroidered Berner head study - size XL


WINNER IS: Bobbie Abern

{short description of image} ITEM 14

with thanks to:
Tails R Us - Nancy Stewart

Diane Wat Painted Tote Bag


WINNER IS: Laura Lopez-Mendez
Tote Bag

{short description of image} ITEM 15

Anonymous donor

Orange/white striped sleeveless shirt
with berner and flowers
size XL

WINNER IS: Liz Bradbury
Sleeveless Shirt

{short description of image} ITEM 16

Anonymous donor

White t-shirt with Berner head study
size Med. 10-12

WINNER IS: Willem Wijnberg
Head study shirt

{short description of image} ITEM 17

with thanks to:
Pat's Embroidery - Pat Helmbold

2 Embroidered Berner towels


WINNER IS: Tricia McIlveen
berner towels

{short description of image} ITEM 18

Anonymous donor

Long sleeve denim shirt
with berner lying on its back
size XL

WINNER IS: Joanne Gerow
Denim shirt

{short description of image} ITEM 19

Anonymous donor

Soft blue denim shirt with
Berner and Snowman
size Small

WINNER IS: Catherine Beard
Snowman shirt

{short description of image} ITEM 20

Anonymous donor

BMD Club of Victoria
white embroidered golf shirt
size Large

WINNER IS: Kris & Clark Osojnicki
BMDC shirt

{short description of image} ITEM 21

with thanks to:
Pat Tackett

Soft gray long sleeve shirt
with two embroidered berners
womens size 18W-20W

WINNER IS: Debbie McKinley
Long sleeve shirt

{short description of image} ITEM 22

with thanks to:
Pat Tackett

2004 Lone Star Calendar
with Bentley on the cover

WINNER IS: Jeri Holloway
Lone Star Calendar

{short description of image} ITEM 23

with thanks to:
Candace Tokiwa

Stuffed Berner holding heart
12 inches tall.

WINNER IS: Caroline Auth for friend
Struffed Berner holding heart

{short description of image} ITEM 24

with thanks to:
Candace Tokiwa

Gray BMDCA golf shirt
Size Medium

WINNER IS: Liz Caldwell
Golf shirt

{short description of image} ITEM 25

with thanks to:
Betsy Rich

2004 Browntrout Calendar

WINNER IS: Jeri Holloway
BrownTrout Calendar

{short description of image} ITEM 26

with thanks to:
Cathy Dovico

Soft pillow with 3 Berners

WINNER IS: Amber Harach
Soft pillow with 3 Berners

{short description of image} ITEM 27

with thanks to:
Pat Tackett

2004 Lone Star
"Stylin' Berner Pups Calendar"

WINNER IS: Mie Kingsley
2004 Lone Star Calendar

{short description of image} ITEM 28

with thanks to:
Candace Tokiwa

Stuffed Berner wearing red scarf
7 inches tall

WINNER IS: Sue Hoffman
Stuffed Bern with Scarf

{short description of image} ITEM 29

with thanks to
Dede Leveran

All 6 issues of 1999 Alpenhorn

WINNER IS: Judy Gallicchio
copies of Alpenhorn

{short description of image} ITEM 30
Photo #1

with thanks to
Vicky Hall

"The Dog"
stuffed Berner - 4 inches high

WINNER IS: Sylvia Katvala

"The Dog" Stuffed Bener

{short description of image} ITEM 30
Photo #2 -

Nicky asking permission to grab The Dog and run off.
Permission was NOT granted!!!!

The pictures of Nicky are so cute!
Martha Hoverson's #2 Son, Peter, suggested a caption for this picture with "The Dog":
"Actual Berner not included."

"The Dog" Stuffed Berner.

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