In Loving Memory of


October 23rd 2002 to May 24th 2011

BG Dog ID = 26832

So sadly missed by Didi Yontef and family

It was with a heavy heart that we had to help Caesar over to the rainbow bridge this afternoon. With the help of his very caring vet (who came to the house to help us), Jim, Bo & I were with him to say our last goodbyes. We were only able to have Caesar with us for his last 3 1/2 years. And while they were GREAT years...they will never seem to have been enough. To those out there who ever had any questions about rescuing or re-homing, it was worth every day of it. WELL worth it!!! The hard part is saying goodbye. I feel as though my heart is breaking. I know it will heal, as it did with Bernie, and then leave a small warm bright spot embeded in my heart for always.

I will always remember his regal stance and the prancing gait of his younger years. The way he loved to go for a ride in the car. His wanting to be with us, no matter where that was. The way he would drape himself across my legs, as we sat on the floor, then lean his head up and across my chest to bury his nose in my hair and give huge sighs. I will SO miss those special times. What incredible hugs he would give! I also have never known a Berner who liked to spoon! He could do this for hours, and never get hot. Jim and he would fall asleep on the floor like that.

And then there was his devotion to Bo! He was always trying to teach him something. From playing tug of war, to heeling correctly, or placing himself in front of Bo when coming up to a cross street to wait for the command to go, and giving warning barks for being too rough in his play with me. He made my training job so much easier! When Bo was still a puppy, (before the gold beading) and had trouble walking for too long a time he would patiently sit and wait for him to rest before continuing on our walks. Then as his DM and LSS got worse, Bo would patiently wait for him. In these last few months, it was Bo who looked after him. He would always let me know when Caesar needed attending to. When Bo thought it was time for bed he would bring him a toy to get him to go outside, he would run around him playing, and then run inside to see him settled for the night. My boys never ceased to put a smile on my face.

Rest in peace my gentle giant. I'll see you one day at the Rainbow Bridge.

Didi & Bo
and always in our hearts Baron Bernard Van Diamond "Bernie" & Caesar
Tucson, AZ

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