Shopping at the BMDCA Specialty 2008

Part 27

Hunting Horn Jeweler
Kathy Norris
903 Nautilus Court
New Bern, NC 28560
Phone: 203-733-2793
E-Mail: kathy@huntinghorn.com
Website: www.huntinghorn.com

This was the most admired piece of jewelry at the show.
Size: 1 1/8" long x 7/8" wide
The Berner is 1/4" deep and when you turn it to the side, a complete face has been created with the enamel work.
Special enhancer bail so this can be worn with pearls or beads, as well as with a chain. Price: $895

7" in Length. 14K Bracelet with Berners trotting; Diamond and Sapphire Links.

This bracelet is now on sale under OVERSTOCK, on the website, for $1495. Regular price is $2595.

Large trotting Berner. Size: 1 1/8" x 3/4" x 1/3" deep.
14K Gold - $895. Sterling Silver - $195
(show price; call Kathy at 203-733-2793 to order in Sterling at this Special price.)

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