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Shopping at the BMDCA Specialty 2008

Page One - Parts 1 to 10

Shopping at the 2008 Specialty Part 1
April 30, 2008

For the past ten years, when I get home from the Specialty, I do a "Shopping at the Specialty" series so that people who could not attend the Specialty can experience the vendors at the Specialty through my daily articles and photos of the booths. Each day, I feature one of the terrific vendors who was at the Specialty. Each vendor will be happy to mail items to those of you who want to purchase their great Berner items. Please be sure to mention that you saw their items on the berner list in the "Shopping at the 2008 Specialty" series. Here is the first vendor!


I am opening the "Shopping at the 2008 Specialty" Series with a vendor I had not seen before - bigtalldog.com has some wonderful Berner items, which I'm sure you will want to see and buy!

Larry and Val Parlette
P. O. Box 608
Marshfield Center, CT 06250
Phone: (860) 456-3249
Toll Free: (800) 611-3647
Fax: (860) 456-3250
E-Mail: val@bigtalldog.com
Web Site: bigtalldog.com

This vendor has toys that are truly suitable for Berners - their toys have been selected for BIG DOGS and tested by giant jaws! They have collars to fit large and giant breeds too. Their tiles and Christmas ornaments have exclusive Bernese Mountain Dog designs and are truly lovely. They also carry t-shirts and sweatshirts, nightshirts, ties, caps, tote bags, license plates, afghan throws, art tiles, lamps, pillowcases, jewelry, Danish blue plates, switchplates, garden flags, "Wipe Your Paws Mats" and other items. You really need to check out their web site to see the Berner items!!

bigtalldog.com donated a gorgeous jewelry box, featuring a Berner tile of a reproduction of an original Janet Wissmann painting, for our 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.


Joye Neff and Nicky
Berner Shopper
Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, PA

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It is always such fun to shop at the Specialty. I know that there were a lot of people who couldn't come to the Specialty so this is their opportunity to shop at the Specialty via the "Shopping at the 2008 Specialty" series. Today's vendor's items really stood out as you walked from the hotel to the vendor tent! You're going to really love his items!! I know I did and couldn't leave the booth without buying something.


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty Part 2
May 1, 2008

Gossamer Designs
Marc and Pam Saunders 26825 NW West Union Road
Hillsboro, OR 97124
Phone: (503) 799-1005 or (503) 647-0131
Fax: (503) 647-0132
E-Mail: mcskoi@aol.com or gossamerdesigns@aol.com
Web Site: www.gossamerdesigns.net

This vendor does custom decorative and functional artwork and it is really eye catching! They have business card holders for $20, candle dog/door stop for $15, leash hooks for $65, mail box dogs for $25 and water/food bowl holders for $30. The welcome dog signs are $65 and book end dogs are $30. The puppy dogs (28 inches long and 15 inches high) are $65, with the large dogs (42 inches long and 22 inches high) are $90. The weathervane sells for $225 and is spectacular. The grooming tables with a metal Berner on them are $125 and custom signs are $250. The dog carts with a classy Berner on back of the cart are wonderful and sell for $225. You will definitely want to go to the web site to see how gorgeous this metal artwork!!!

Gossamer Designs donated a beautiful metal Berner Welcome Sign for our 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

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There is something about the smell of leather that makes you feel so good. This was the first vendor I saw this year when I went to the Vendor Tent. They were also the first vendor to complete their Shopping form and return it to me with an item for the 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty Part 3

May 2, 2008

Hogan Leather
Paula Hogan
15 Thomas Coles Lane
Wellfleet, MA 02667
Phone: (508) 349-7979
E-mail: paulahogan@yahoo.com
Web Site: www.hoganleather.com

What lovely leather leashes and collars this vendor has! All of their items are handmade by Paula Hogan and she does quality work. Their primary choice of leather is English Bridle Leather. Leads are handcrafted with finished edges that are professionally stitched with nylon threads. Here is a list of the items she has:

Leather leashes of all sizes - $22 to $48
Leather Rolled Collars - $38 to $48
Leather Rolled Chokes - $28 to $32
Show Leads - $22 to $45
Padded Buckle Collars $36 to $38
Padded Limited Chokes $36
Braided 4 ft. and 6 ft. Leashes $42 to $48
Beaded Show Leads - $35 to $42
Rolled Throat Martingales
Rolled Throat Slip Leads

Paula/Hogan Leather donated a beautiful Leather Rolled Throat Slip Lead to the 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

<click here for the enlarged pics>

It is such fun going from vendor to vendor at the Specialty and seeing all of the Berner items that you can buy. When I first got into Berners in 1985 I never saw anything with a Berner on it. By the time I got Winston in 1998, I was thrilled to find a Berner item and would buy it immediately. Now, when you go to the Specialty, you can empty your bank accounts easily buying wonderful Berner items. This vendor has some unique Berner items that you will certainly want to buy!


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty - Part 4
May 3, 2008

Berner Kisses
Sue Vinsant
Phone: (575) 937-0740
E-Mail: svinsant_2@yahoo.com

Website: www.dogloverheaven.com.

This vendor definitely has some unique items for Berner Lovers. The first things I noticed were the fantastic Berner Shower Curtains. She has four shower curtains to choose from and you can see all four on our Shopping at the 2008 Specialty Website. These soft shower curtains ($159) are hand painted using dye on artist's canvas and each one is signed by the artist. The curtains are durable, washable, pre-shrunk and the color will not flake off and is long lasting. Sue carries 5x5 notecards of the four shower curtain designs which sell for $3 each. Her Chainsaw Berners Statues are carved from solid pine are spectacular - the 12 inch statues sell for $100. What a great item - you've got to check these out!!! She also carries Berner purses, aprons and wonderful pewter frames and jewelry ($12 to $36.)

Sue is donating a Chainsaw Berner Statue to our 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

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The Specialty Ways and Means items can be purchased all year long and many people buy the items before the go to the Specialty. Others wait to buy things at the Specialty and if they don't get to the booth until late in the week, they discover that the items that they want have been sold out.


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty Part 5
May 4, 2008

BMDCA 2008

Ways and Means
Anya Wittenborg
Arlington, MA
E-Mail: awittenborg@comcast.net
Website: www.bmdcnv.org/2008/shop.html

Anya Wittenborg did a fantastic job with the Ways and Means for the 2008 Spcialty. She has had wonderful Berner items during the past year featuring Scuppers, as well as other Berner Items. The array of items was impressive. What is left now of the items is a very modest amount of Specialty logo t-shirts in just a few sizes, a few logo caps and a handful of Specialty mugs from the awards dinner.

If you didn't get to experience the Specialty in person, and even if you did, you will want to purchase a CD which includes photos of the Specialty, copies of the daily newsletter - The Daily Catch, plus a full color version of the Welcome Book. The CD is a bargain at $12 and will show you what the Specialty was like - AWESOME!!! Congratulations to the Nashoba Valley Club for a hugely successful specialty.

Check out the website to buy your CD of the Specialty:

The BMDCA 2008 Specialty Ways and Means donated a wooden Scupper on a Sailboat Christmas Ornament and a bright yellow "Got Coffee" Travel Mug. The moral to this story is: Shop NOW for your 2009 Specialty Items and check back frequently during the year to see what new items they have added!

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Now that you realize that if you wait until the Specialty, you might lose out on getting some of the terrific items for next year's Specialty, I thought that I would feature the 2009 BMDCA Specialty Ways and Means today!


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty Part 6

Tuesday May 6, 2008

BMDCA 2009

Specialty Chair: Nancy Van Horne
Ways and Means Chair: Colleen Cox
Nancy - Phone: (425) 228-7632
Colleen - Phone: (503) 961-4509
E-Mail: nancy.vanhorne@gmail.com
Website: www.bmdca.org/2009

The 2009 Specialty items are great! They have two Berner Blankets and it's hard to choose which one you want. Of course you could always buy one of each! The blankets are $35 each or two for $60. I guess they knew that people would have a hard time choosing which blanket to buy! The short sleeve silk screened T-shirts are $20 and the embroidered T-shirts are $32. Long sleeve T-shirts are $22. Crew sweatshirts are $32 and hooded zipped sweatshirta are $50. They also have denim shirts ($40,) fleece vests ($45) and hats ($20.) You have to have a 2009 Specialty Pin ($8.)

Right now the website isn't active yet, but keep checking during the year because they will add items all year long and you don't want to miss out on anything!

<click here for the enlarged pics>

When I saw the items from today's vendor, I felt like I was back in Switzerland at the 100th Anniversary Celebration last August!


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty Part 7
Wednesday - May 7, 2008

Swiss Traditions, Inc.
Regula Munz and Larry Smith
P. O. Box 252
Lovettsville, VA 20180
Phone: (540) 822-9305
Fax: (540) 822-9306
E-Mail: swiss@swisstraditions.com
Website: www.swisstraditions.com

Swiss Traditions was started in 1993 when the owners discovered that they were bringing Swiss dog collars back from Switzerland every time they visited for people who wanted collars like they had. They have a specialized mail order business where you can order all kinds of wonderful Swiss items. Over the years, they have expanded from dog collars and leashes to stuffed Berners, cow bells, belts and many more items for Berner lovers. Their leather products are from the Appenzell Region with the traditional leather with cows and herdsmen on them.

Their cute stuffed Berners range from 7 inches ($17.50) to 17 inches ($75.) They carry top quality leather Santis Bags ($95,) Fanny Packs ($65) and Belt Pouches in three sizes ($25 to $60.) They have a wide selection of Leather Belts decorated with either brass or silver cows and herdsmen ($65 to $95) - you can buy a belt to match your Berners Collar and Leash!!! The Leather Collars range from 1 inch to 1.75 inches wide and are priced from $50 to $75.

They also carry many sizes of Swiss Cow Bells ($8.40 to $500,) Key Rings ($5.95 to $17,) Pins and Magnets ($3.95 to $14.50,) Bandanas ($6.95,) Scarf Rings ($6.50 to $9.50) and Swiss and Bern Flags ($9.50 to $12.50.) They also have hand knitted items and Arbonne Swiss Skin Care Products. For a taste of Switzerland, you need to check out their website: www.swisstraditions.com

<click here for the enlarged pics>

Every time I walked past this vendor at the Specialty, she gave me more dog food items to take home to try with Nicky. I've used some of the items and Nicky eagerly awaits to try more!!!


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty ~ Part 8
Thursday ~ May 8, 2008

Tony Gabriele
342 Compass Circle, Unit E-3
North Kingstown, RI 02852
Phone: (401) 667-0110
Fax: (401) 667-0056
E-Mail: Tony@DoggieFood.com
Website: www.DoggieFood.com

DoggieFood.com states that they focus their attention on unique foods, supplements and mixers for the discriminating pet owner who will only accept the very best. They are determined to supply only natural, species specific dog and cat products. They specialize in organic pet foods, oils and supplements. Here is a list of some of the items they carry with the range of prices:

Dogswell - $4.50 to $12
DGP - $23.40 each
Timberwolf - $53 to $61
Merrick - $38 to $41
Taste of Wild - $38 to $41
Honest Kitchen - $65 to $75
Dr. Harveys - $35 to $70
Dr. Harveys Veggies - $10 to $20

They also carry all natural foods including the raw food diet. Be sure to check out their website: www.DoggieFood.com

DoggieFood.com will donate some of their great products for the 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

<click here for the enlarged pics>

Have you ever had a massage? If you have, you know the feeling of complete relaxation and calm that you have when the session ends. All of those tight muscles and aches are no longer there. Do you think that dogs feel the same way?


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty ~ Part 9
Friday ~ May 9, 2008

Woof and Hoof Massage, Inc.
Debbie Towndrow
8157 W 99th Avenue
Broomfield, CO 80021
Phone: (303) 466-2724
E-Mail: deb@woofandhoofmassage.com
Website: www.woofandhoofmassage

Debbie's mission as stated on her website is: "Through therapeutic massage and education, enhance the quality of life for both humans and animals. My goal is for the client to see the improvements and experience the benefits of therapeutic massage."

Therapeutic massage has physical, mental and emotional benefits for dogs and people. I always love to see the dogs who are relaxing on Debbie's table as she massages them ? they look so relaxed and are truly enjoying their experience. Sometimes when I go, Debbie will be massaging a Berner Lover and they have that same relaxed and happy look on their faces. Next time you are at the Specialty and see Debbie, see if she can fit both you and your Berner into her busy schedule. Her fees are $40 per half hour for pets and $45 per half hour for people. Check out her website ? you will be impressed with her training and experience.

Oh, and by the way, I do believe that dogs do feel the same way that people do about getting a wonderful massage. Just check out the dog in the photo I took!

<click here for the enlarged pics>

Today's vendor makes the most gorgeous collars and matching leashes that I've seen. Last fall, Debby Fitch was able to get university material and I had her make 6 PITT collar and leash sets for Christmas presents. They were a HUGE hit with my family and friends.


Shopping at the 2008 Specialty ~ Part 10
Saturday ~ May 10, 2008

The Truman Collar
Debby Fitch
98 Settlers Drive
Hancock, ME 04640
Phone: (207) 422-3764
E-Mail: thetrumancollar@yahoo.com
Website: www.thetrumancollar.com

Debby has a large selection of Swiss trims with Edelweiss, Enzian and Alpen Rosen flowers, as well as traditional and fun designs. She can customize a collar and leash to your specific needs. She also carries Swiss bandanas. Here are her prices: Trim, Buckle and Martingale Collarss - $16.50 (price includes shipping and handling) Matching Leashes - $22 (price includes shipping and handling) Swiss Bandanas - $10 ($5 benefits BARC, Inc. ? add $1 per scarf for shipping and handling)

25% of every Truman Collar purchase will be donated to the Morris Animal Foundation to help fund research on Hemolytic Anemia in memory of Debby's sweet Truman. Be sure to check out Debby's website to see the huge array of materials you can choose from when you purchase your matching collars and leashes: www.thetrumancollar.com

Debby has donated a gift certificate for a collar and leash ($39.50 value) for the 2009 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

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Carry on Shopping!!

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Remember when you shop with the vendors to tell them that you saw their article on Joye Neff's Shopping at the 2008 Specialty series.


Joye Neff and Nicky
Berner Shopper
Mt. Lebanon,
Pittsburgh, PA

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