The 2010 BEHAF Fundraiser

(BEHAF, Berner Emergency Health Assistance Fund )


The 2010 BEHAF Fundraiser Tier 2 Items

Tier 2 Items 76 - 100

Item #76

Paw Print Molds and compact Tote Bag

Donated by Bobbie Abern

Winner: Cherie Massaro

Item #77

Paw Print Steering Wheel Cover

Donated by Bobbie Abern

Winner: Kathy Deyo

Item #78

Large Paw Print Purse (13x10)
and matching Wallet and small Purse

Donated by Bobbie Abern

Winner: Lori Simidian

Item #79

Guardian Gear Trainer Clicker

2 clickers have been donated so 2 tickets will be drawn.

Donated by Bobbie Abern

Winners: Lydia McNeese, Nadine Doss

Item #80

2 paw print molds, Berner cookie cutter,
Wine glass charms and sports wallet watch.

Donated by Bobbie Abern

Winner: Jennifer Cadiente

Item #81

Berner Slippers

Size Large

Donated by Joye Neff

Winner: Patti Finley

Item #82

Bob's Best Berners
A collection of Berner cartoons by Bob Seaver

Donated by Anonymous

Winner: Marti Simons

Item #83

Soft Berner blanket
"Cover yourself with love"

Donated by Anonymous

Winner: Signe Strawser

Item #84

Berner sweatshirt
Size Medium

Donated by Anonymous

Winner: Jennifer Ellis

Item #85

The Alpenhorn - 2001 - All 6 issues

Donated by Donna Coffin

Winner: Robin Hoogwerf

Item #86

ReGlo - See Me
Ultra bright reflective sleeves for collar and leash.

Donated by Anonymous

.2 sets have been donated so 2 tickets will be drawn

Winners: Carrie Cook, Bobbi Parker

Item #87

Beaded Berner Purse
5 inches tall

Donated by Anonymous

Winner: Liz Caldwell

Item #88

Gone Doggin' Bernese Bell Pull
100% cotton
8" wide X 42" long

(What does not show in the photo is that it has a wooden dowel hanger at the top and that it comes to a tasseled point at the bottom)

Donated by Sheila Durfee

Winner: Marsha Schaublin

Item #89

Berner Candy Dish from the Wijnberg Collection
Approximately 6 inches (16.5 cm) in diameter

This candy dish is guaranteed to improve the taste of even the finest Swiss chocolates. Decorated with an original W. Wijnberg Berner painting (2004), the piece is both decorative and functional. It's modest size makes it the perfect candy dish for post holiday/get-ready-for-summer dieting. You know what the experts say about successful dieters -- don't deny yourself those things that you truly love. So, make this candy dish part of your annual weight-loss program and at the same time support BEHAF

Donated by Ellen Folke

Winner: Dot Decker

Item #90

Lobbie Cards
Includes 8 cards with envelopes

and a slick writer to write on them

This is Berner, Lobster (Nicky's littermate - the only girl with 8 brothers!) - Lobbie went to the Obedience Invitational and placed second nationally (a Berner First!)

Donated by Dino Candelaria

There are 2 sets of Lobbie Cards, so 2 tickets will be drawn

Winners: Annie Bell, Tracey Hyatt

Photos by Shanna Wilkinson

Item #91

Costco Berner

Donated by Chris Crowe Delapp

Winner: Naor Wallach

Item #92

Be Prepared!!
Set of 10 threaded needles kit

Donated by Anonymous

3 sets were donated so 3 tickets will be drawn

Winners: Anya Wittenborg, Brenda Broome, Carrie Cook

Item # 93

"I love My Bernese Mountain Dog" magnetic book mark

Donated by Caroline Auth

5 book marks have been donated so 5 tickets will be drawn

Winners: Annie Bell, Sue Thompson, Cherie Massaro,
Lisa Dobey, Anne Burke

Item #94

Canine Protection Coalition Berner key ring discs

Donated by Anonymous

11 discs have been donated so 11 tickets will be drawn

Winners: Anne Burke, Karen Thompson, Carrie Cook, Adeline Maxim, Lisa Dobey, EllaCauser, Kiera O’Brien, Esa Bloch, Finn O’Brien, Lisa Fico, Lynn Alvarez

Item #95

Berner Emery Board

Donated by Anonymous

Winner: Sheira Freedman

Item #96

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada Pins:
Club pin plus specialty pins from 2002 through 2006

Donated by the BMDCC

3 sets of pins were donated, so 3 tickets will be drawn

Winners: Pat Tackett, Alexis Smith, Nancy Bard

Item #97

Zarah 24 kt. gold plated - sterling silver Berner pin

Donated by Anonymous

Winner: Patti Finley

Item #98

P.T. Custard book proof

from the book: "Jules the Lighthouse Dog"
"I could be a fearsome police dog - now that's a job to brag about.....but I faint at pops, blasts, sirens and loud noises."

Donated by Berner-Garde Foundation

Winner: Nancy Bard

Item #99

P.T. Custard book proof

from the book: "Jules the Lighthouse Dog"
"I could join the circus, be a clown and travel the world....But I'm wide and I'm large and I wouldn't fit in the clown car."

Donated by the Berner-Garde Foundation

Winner: Lisa Baldwin

Item #100

Hand sculpted clay Berner with Pumpkin by artist, Sally Parks,
"How to Make People Think You're Normal" by Ben Goode,
"Doggie Tales" - Fun puns by Phyllis Forbes Kerr,
Small magnetic cover notebook,
Hand cleanser gel,
Food refrigerator magnet,
Flip calculator,
Peony petals Yankee Candle and

Pot watcher.

Donated by Bobbie Abern

Winner: Robin Sorensen

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