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name:: Crawd Winchester
what everyone calls him:: K
nationality:: American
seiyuu:: Okiayu Ryoutarou
anime debut:: Track 2

If you didn't know much about K before, well you sure as hell don't know much more now o_O. K happens to be one of those characters whose personal stats are pretty much non-existant. He has a name we know that, but not much more *waves "We want more K!" flag about*

Bit O Info
*note* pretty much all the info was taken from the tv series and OVAs but I may have a slightly more detailed profile once I order the mangas...

Well, in best attempts to fill this section up, Here's a few tidbits and such. K was previously Ryuichi's manager. When they returned to Japan from the USA, K thought Bad Luck looked intesting and fun so he then became their manager since Touma had relieved Sakano of the position. K is also a married man, his wife being Judy Winchester, a famous Hollywood star. The couple also have a son named Micheal. Although K can act...well, peculiar (the whole gun fetish-ie thing ^-^;;), he is a very good manager and helped bring Ryuichi a great deal of success in the USA. He is also quite clever in solving problems within Bad Luck adn very, very good at making Sakano-san nervous (but then again, EVERYTHING makes Sakano-san nervous)

::Click:: for a pic of Judy, K's wife that was kindly donated by Sora


Oh K ^-^