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Welcome to OhK, my humble tribute to K-sama from the anime/manga/ova series Gravitation. Not only is this site about very pretty bishie, it also contains YAOI and SHONEN AI content. Just stay away from anything marked yaoi if homosexual stuff makes you nervous. Anyway, with that said and done, enjoy!

HUGE [gallery] update! [fan] updated with sexy K art by Sora! Also updates to [profile] and [links]!!

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I molested Seishiro (Tokyo Babylon/X)
Had to put this on the front page too! Wonderful K site! Sooo much K stuff!!

This page created by Nicoco (nicole k) on July 23/01. Layout, grafix, etc. were made by me. No stealing. In no way do I claim ownership of Gravitation, it's characters, music etc. I'm just a lowley, obsessive fangirl^_^

Last Updated: May 12, 2002
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