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Groovy Moooooooosic Baby!

Alrights then! (moronic pluralization intetional...just to let you know...blarg) Well I had pretty much every Nittle Grasper and Bad Luck song plus plenty of BGM on my hard drive but my Dad's a dork and deleted most of it (Grrrrrr-ith!) Anyway, here are the songs I was able to recover/re-download so far. ENJOY!

*NOTE from K at gun-pointo_O* These are for sample use only! By Cds dernit! It's worth it!! Awesome, awesome music!! *Big silly K grin* Try Right clicking and selecting "Save Target As" if you're having troubles downloading the songs.

Sakura Media has pretty much all the Gravitation CDs and they're cheap (Canada based)!!

Vocal Tracks [All files in .zip Format]

-Sleepless Beauty:: Nittle Grasper
-Shinning Collection:: Nittle Grasper
-Spicy Marmalade:: Bad Luck
-Easy Action:: Bad Luck
-The Rage Beat:: Bad Luck
-Super Drive:: Opening theme
-Glaring Dream:: Ending theme

Oh K ^-^