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Drama Queen *Gunshots* eeps...

Once I get the Drama discs this section will GROW! *hands on hips and cackling insanely* But, until the flies stop...well, flying out of my pockets, here's a few clips to tide you over.

*NOTE from K at gun-pointo_O* These are for sample use only! By Cds dernit! It's worth it!! *Big silly K grin* Try Right clicking and selecting "Save Target As" if you're having troubles downloading the songs.

Sakura Media has pretty much all the Gravitation CDs and they're cheap (Canada based)!!

Drama Tracks feat. K-sama [All files in .mp3 Format]

-"Super Manager K!" duration: 0:28
-K, Sakano, and Shuichi silly-ness ^-^:: duration: 0:25
-K shooting at people o_O:: duration: 0:08

Oh K ^-^