Welcome to my the links page. You're not going to leave the Weiss boys (and everyone else on this site) now are you??? Ah well, here are some sites that minna-san on this site recommends!

Chichiri's House of Worship
A really cute site devoted to Chichiri!
Chichiri:Of course no da!

A great place for all you Seiryuu lovers!

Tenchi For Life!
I know what you're thinking, I don't usually frequent Tenchi sites but I kinda surfed into it and saw it's wicked background so...It also has a lot of stuff!!!!!

This is a really wicked site with lots of info and everything!!!

This site is so good you just have to see it. ^_~
Heero: The part about the guns is true.

It's a beautiful Weiß Kreuz site! This site bears a very great similarity to mine...I DIDN'T COPY I SWEAR! Well, if I did copy then why the hell would my site suck??
Omi:I'm featured on the site too!!! Achika's Anime Website Garage
Ooooooo...a site with attitude...well I like it!

A really nice site dedicated to the young assasin, Omi-kun!
Omi:You bet!

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