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Break any of this rules you will lose power, money or even get kicked out.

RPG:actions open on weekdays, closed on weekends, only joining is open on weekends.

1 Don't complain about what i do, or any of the battles results, what happens, happens and i try to be as fair as possible

2 Please be active in the RPG

3 Don't cuss to much on the chat area and message board, no racial comments either

4 Do not join as more then one people or you will be in big trouble when I find out.

5 Do not join as someone that is invincible because then this would be no fun, there will be NPCs and if you find someone thats almighty, he's going to the NPCs

6 This is just fun and games, so please try to have fun! Also do not bother me about my rpg over instant messages.....


Battles are for you to get POWER. Every battle you do you get power. Don't go thinking that you are going to battle every day, win and become invincible. Not going to happen. You get power even if you lose, you get more for winning. Also if you have 50,000 power and attack someone with 10,000 not only is that pathetic but you won't get much power from it. Now if you are at 10,000 and brave enough, and stupid enough, to attack someone with 50,000 power you will die. Also you will get more power than usaul for losing. You can send one battle e-mail a day. If one day everyone felt like attack this other person, the first two to send the e-mail can attack him. Only two people can attack one person, don't plan it with a buddy to gang this one person because after he is dead then both of you will fight. Also if their is a time when a person e-mails me to attack this person who is attacking another person that was going to attack someone else(i think you get my point) then there will be a giant massacre. Oh well. You have till 8:30pm eastern time to send me battle e-mails to

Duel: you both agree to battle and both have to e-mail me saying that you have agreed.

Blackout: This is a battle where the attacker is a sissy and doesn't reveal his identity, you do not recieve much power form these type of battles and have a better chance of winning.

Ambush: You attack a person without him knowing giving you the advantage and fight till the death but other person still has the ability to fight back.

Dying: When you die, you have to heal and cannot be attacked or attack during this time, healing can range for 1-5 days, depends on the dammaged recieved in battle, u can travel while you're healing though.

FFA(free for all):

will be events where everyone fights to the death and prizes will be awarded to 1st 2nd 3rd and sometimes 4th


This is where you buy things like ships, weapons, etc...... You will start out with 1,000 dollars and get 50 dollars a week. Bounties will also be on the message board. When you want to buy something you e-mail me at


This is for special battles like free for all's etc........ You win a prize in free for all's(1st 2nd 3rd) You also automatically get power ranging from 10,000-30,000, if an event is to occur, it will be posted on message board a week before the event.


These are Non Playable Characters, this mean you can not join as them, these are the very strong characters that take the fun out of the game.

Power ups:

You will have power ups, first when you reach 50,000 power, then next at 150,00 then if you have another it will be at 300,000


Now, lets get realistic, if you can travel from earth cause you have a Gundam or something, you can, but if you are a living thing that cant go to space and breathe, then buy a space pod, not very expensive, info page will be up soon on length of travel...


Ok, if you wanna join you have to send an e-mail to, in the e-mail please have the following formed filled out:

Character: this is the name of the person your joining as

Anime/video game/manga/...etc:what tv show or video game or manga etc your character comes from

Character info page:i do not want a bio page, i would like a page that shows your character abilities and attacks, so dont send a bio, i can easily find a bio, you need to find a page with its abilities

Character picture: send a url of your character's picture

thats about it, please join the way it says so my life is a little easier.....






















































































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