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Page O' Tenchi





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That's right!! I'm back. you've seen me in the past tackling monsters such as Squaresoft games and other anime...well here we go again. So enjoy my hard work Web surfers and with luck you will find something worth seeing on this page.

On this page I will try and explain to you, the viewer, just what Tenchi Muyo is all about I do have slight plans to add more anime to this page, but don't expect it any time soon.  Jake Grizzle will tell about other Anime (mostly Gundam) on "Jake's page of Gundam" . As a result of this most unholy alliance I am required to plug his I go.  See the amazing Jake wow and amaze you with his unmatched knowledge (*chuckle*) of the world of anime!! (*suppressed laugh*). Seriously though, go check it out. He does, sort of, know what he's doing. If the prospect of just seeing his site wasn't enough for ya. Then maybe learning about all the series of Gundam will entice you just enough to get your mouse-clickin', potato chip stuffin'  self on over there.




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