Ranma 1/2

Continuation Road : R
Continuation Title: Ranma Goes To America
Author: Demon Saya
Synopsis: After the wedding, Ranma decides to go away to sort out his feelings, and decides, with some not-so-divine-help, he can't live without her...but what does he decide to do about it...

Continuation Title: Ranma Ichibunnoni
Author: Dave Harper
Synopsis: Is three really company, or is it a crowd?
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Continuation Title: Ranma's Horrible Secret
Author: Jack Staik
Synopsis: Secrets made, secrets kept.
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Continuation Title: Ranma, Love
Author: Demon Saya
Synopsis: A darker fic.  It takes place after the wedding...I know, okay, this is becoming a kinda habitual thing.  Ranma feels he dishonored Akane somehow and commits Seppuku.  He spends his last minutes in her arms, but...what if...Ranma had done something that DIDN'T end the Saotome line with him...?

Continuation Title: Ranma: The Tenth Hakkeshu
Author: RedPriest17
Synopsis: <No Synopsis available at this time>

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