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DBZ Fanart
Posted By Subzero on July 12th, 2001
Hey I got a new affiliate, Toonami TSG. It's a great site with a great layout. Speaking of layouts version 2.0, if you wanna look at it that way, is almost ready. It's a little different but if I get it to work out I think you'll like it. Cya

New Affiliate
Posted By Subzero on June 25th, 2001
Hey I got a new affiliate, Toonami TSG. It's a great site with a great layout. Speaking of layouts version 2.0, if you wanna look at it that way, is almost ready. It's a little different but if I get it to work out I think you'll like it. Cya

Finnaly I am Able to Update
Posted By Quality Control on June 22st, 2001
Hey we got a new fanart submission from a guy named Nick his pic is really good, go to the DBZ section then the Fanart part to see it.

New Enter Page and Affiliate
Posted By Subzero on June 21st, 2001
Alright this is the third time I've tried to make this update, I hope I get it in this time before my CPU freezes again. Here goes, I got a new enter page featuring Gene from Outlaw Star, even though Outlaw Star isn't up yet. Also I got a new affiliate DBZ Krew. Cya

Poll Results
Posted By Subzero on June 20th, 2001
The poll results are in from the "Which Is Your Favorite?" poll. In first was DBZ, it had 214 votes (57.8%). Second was Final Fantasy with 51 votes (13.7%). In third place we have Gundam Wing with 38 votes (10.2%). Card Captors came out in fourth with 35 (9.4%). In last was "other" meaning none listed or something of that meaning with 32 votes (8.6%). If you voted thank-you, we had a total of 370 votes! If you did not get a chance to vote well we'll have another one soon. Thank-you again and cya. Ohh I almost forgot, I know it's already late (at least in Ohio) but later I will make a new enter page. Cya

New Staff Member
Posted By Saiyajiin Strata on June 18th, 2001
Hi all Im Saiyajiin Strata,and I am here to stay.I am the video games manager for some new games.Look yonder and you'll see.I also have an RPG in the making but I need help!!If anyone wants ta help please Email Me And tell me you will help.

The Subzero Network
Posted By Subzero on June 3rd, 2001
Another no big update I just finally got a member to join the network, it is affiliate Vegeta's Land. Go to the network (sorry I'm to lazy to type out a link) section to see if you really care that much.

FF8 Mistakes Fixed
Posted By Subzero on May 26th, 2001
Alright nothing serious but I fixed the few FF8 mistakes their were. Like I said they weren't serious so if you read it you weren't mislead in anyway about the game, it was just a couple of spelling and other english errors. Cya

New Affiliate
Posted By Subzero on May 23rd, 2001
Hey everyone I just got a new affiliate Nod Romz. It's a great gaming site and has everything you'd want. I also applied for hosting again and for another new affiliate. Everyone cross your fingers. Cya

CC multi up
Posted By CC Syaoran on May 15th, 2001
Well, I just got the multimedia part done, leaving only the pictures and Clow card sections to do left. I have 5 midis and 1 WMA available for download, so go to the CC part of the site and check 'em out. Well, I'll be on the lookout for more downloads. later

Card Captors Update
Posted By CC Syaoran on May 14th, 2001
Just a quick update on the CC part of the site. I got the first three sections done, and am hoping to finish the rest of them soon. Well, I will not post written updates very often, so don't expect them. Tell all of your anime/video game fan friends to come here. Cya

Subzero Elite 50
Posted By Subzero on May 12th, 2001
This is awesome! I just made a topsite and it looks sweet. All you webmasters have to join it so check it out by clicking on the button below. Tell your friends. ^_^

New Splash Image
Posted By Subzero on May 8th, 2001
Hey did anyone notice the new spalsh image when you came in? It was made ny me! Ya, I have a game I'm making and I downloaded PSP 7 to make the images. Even though I have a graphics guy on my staff I just wanted to check it out what I could do. Well thats all I have to say, C-ya.

My Affiliate Gone!
Posted By Subzero on May 3rd, 2001
Has anyone here ever heard of Black Shadow Anime? Well if not he was a past affiliate of mine. I took him down and struck out his description though. For some reason I guess he thought he could let me keep his button up and him take mine down. So I got rid of him. Also this doesn't have anything to do with BSA but the new staff member Tidus has changed his e-mail to in case anyone had his e-mail in an address book as the other one, which isn't likely but just in case. C-ya

More Staff + Import. News For Fans
Posted By Subzero on May 2nd, 2001
Hey, I have the two new staff members on the staff page. You can go and read their profiles if you want. (I actually put them up Sunday but never had time to say it in an update) Also for all you fans you won't be seeing much more updating at this site until we get a host. I know it sounds extremely lazy but I don't want to have to do all the pages here then redo them at a new server. Hopefully I can find someone to host me so you can see the major updates as promised.

Sorry! + More Staff
Posted By Subzero on April 27th, 2001
I'm very sorry I haven't updated but I have good reason. The reason is that, everyone should know I only update on weekends and last weekend I was away so I couldn't update. Secondly I need to make a big announcement that I have two new staff memebrs. Although they aren't on the staff page yet they are on the staff.

Possible Host | Club
Posted By Subzero on April 18th, 2001
Well I applied to get hosted at hopefully I get it so I can use CGI scripts and SSI.

I started my own lycos club. Visit and join it.

Happy Easter
Posted By Subzero on April 16th, 2001
Happy Easter! Sorry I'm a day late but I was way to busy yesterday to mess with my site. I hope everyone had a great Easter because I know I did. I might get to some more GW bios later today. C-ya

Posted By Subzero on April 14th, 2001
This is great I beat Shenmue yesterday, but I forgot to announce it so I will now. If you don't know what Shenmue is I'll tell you. It's the best video game ever. It's on the Dreamcast console and was created by Yu Suzuki. If your considerring buying a Dreamcast do and get Shenmue it's worth it, and if you have a DC get it now. For all you who have it and need help e-mail me or IM me and I'll see if I can help.

Posted By Subzero on April 14th, 2001
Please Read:
I need more staff members, please help. If your any good with imaging or are up with the latest anime news continue to read this. If your good with imaging great, I need someone to count on for graphics at this site instead of bugging other webmasters. Don't worry about working too much either, I'll only need you when I start making a new layout. For all you who are up with the latest anime news please read this. You won't even have to start until I get hosted and setup NewPro, and when I get it you will have it real easy trust me. All you'll have to do is login and type up the news, no hassling with tables. So please if you could apply for one of these I would appreciate it. Just e-mail me to apply. Tell me what job you want and also give me you AIM Screen Name if you have one. Thank-you

GW Bios
Posted By Subzero on April 13th, 2001
Alright I just got finished writing up three new Gundam Wing biographies. They are Trowa Barton, Chang Wufei, and Relena Peacecraft. Go to the Gundam Wing Section to see them. Hopefully I can get the other pilots bios in before Easter.

Posted By Subzero on April 13th, 2001
Please! I need hits tell all your friends, family, teachers, or anyone about this site. I need hits so I can get hosted by a site. This would be good for you viewers too trust me. You might be thinking how could it help you. Here's the answer, if I get hosted by someone I could use SSI NewsPro and other stuff Angelfire doesn't support. SSI would allow me to make navigation easier for you and NewsPro would allow me to have more staff members to bring you more anime news. So PLEASE tell others about the site it will help. Thank-you

I'm In A Network
Posted By Subzero on April 12th, 2001
Alright cool I just joined's network. You should see it in the bottom right hand corner under networks. Also my spring break just started so you SHOULD, not definately, see some updates for the next week. C-ya

Grand Opening!
Posted By Subzero on April 8th, 2001
Our new site is up thanks to the contributions of the staff and I. So please e-mail me or any member of the staff with all your questions and comments. And if you don't feel like e-mailing one of us just sign the guestbook. Also feel free to give us any suggestions you feel would better the site. Last tell the webmaster at Saiyan Destination a friend of staff memebr Quality Control if you liked his banner (at the top). I know I do. I might as well go all out so here we go, if you like this site please take the time to vote for me. Just right click and open in a new window then it won't mess up your viewing. And if you have your own site link us please, then e-mail me and I'll put your site in the links section. Look forward to lots and lots of anime news and info coming to you each week.

Important: This site is not done, we are still creating and organizing pages.

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