I rise from the dead!

Here's the Comico... er, i know it looks like i did it in paint, but i really did it in Paint Shop Pro... you gotta believe me... ^^;
Updates should be Fri and possibly Tues... yeah.... Luv Y'all!Much love from Me to You!

Now, you can link to La Mer!
right click to save! right click to save!Don't forget the address: (http://www.angelfire.com/anime2/realmofjade/lamer.html)! And email me or ::IM= chinoseryu248:: me to tell me if you've linked to my page...I'd love to know!

{ Welcome one and all to the online manga La Mer. It's going to be a mix of *deep breath* humor/romance/high school/superpower-ish stuff/other, I haven't decided yet. }
Dream of the Sea.

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