Welcome to the Realm of Jade.

i swear i updated be fore this. okays - the Realm is now, what, two years old? ^^ NEW QUOTES!!! La Mer will be comig down, maybe this summer i can restart it. any page with *ON HOLD* next to its update status is just that - ON HOLD. hm, what else? ah, yes - i need love and attention, and i am failing all my classes. ja! >.O

Wa-hey! A whole new look! ^^ I'm working on some new La Mer, and the quotebook will be getting a vigorous updating as skool is starting again soon... so look for new stuff about every week!
BTW - some of the pages, like the index and whatnot, haven't been updated yet (with the new version). That'll be fixed by tonight (it's like 1 am). ^^;

shinigami desu ne!
i adopted a chibi duo!
you can too, as long as you believe that
heero is not toast!

LOVE AND PEACE! (*)~~^Portals^~~(*)LOVE AND PEACE!

  • [The Realm Exchange ] * ON HOLD - NO MEMBERS*
  • [The Sushi Shack (Rants, Reviews, Fanfics)]*Updated 9.03.01 - ON HOLD*
  • [Jade's Bishonen] * Updated 9.03.01 - ON HOLD *
  • [Quotebook Online] *Updated 02.02.03*
  • [ The OKS Homepage] *Updated 6.01.01 - ON HOLD*
  • [ Other Pics]*Updated 5.26.01*
  • [Linkage!]*Updated 01.02.02*
  • [ Past Updates, and about Jade, Sushi Girl, and this site]
  • [ La Mer (an online comic by Jade) ]*Updated 07.05.02 - ON HOLD*
  • [Gallery] *Updated 06.26.02*
  • [Jade's LiveJournal] (Updated randomly)

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