See all of the bishie that I caught!

Disclaimer! I don't own Bishonen, but you can visit to find out who does and more about it! PLEASE DON'T TAKE MY IMAGES! THANK YOU!

Cutest Android!! Allen Schezar! He's a nice perv.

funny little sorcerer The Real Mr. Clow MULDER!

my fav gundam pilot he's ok Cool Sword

Mmm... long hair.... my cute demon i like the baddies

and the nice guys cool guy just call him Mr. Clow

love his hair ummm..i saw him once.. my first anime love!

I call my friend P-chan! sooo cute! One of the Three Lights

money grubber the only reason i watch DBZ looks cool, ne?

Angsty! the elfin boy! stone cold. ^_~


Team Rocket blast off! the goggled boy!! the sweetest 'lil emperor!

he's sweet burn! burn! ^_^ black winged angel

mean old man! the bestest outlaw in the world who is this?!

omae o korosu! ^_~ my cute former demon!! too cautious for his own good! EVA weirdo the hottest gardian ever!!!! isn't he from EVA?

haven't seen this, but he's hot!! Another forgotten one..^^;; *whistles nervously*

a bit clumsy... ^_^;; don't know him! but his hair rocks! bandages! oooh!

don't screw with him! wide-eyed innocence bebopin around the universe...

hee hee-big hair!! brock the rock! a world of endless blue....

temper!! bucket-hat ! what strange glasses he has...

winged angel LOVE AND PEACE!!! colder than the heart of a snake

he's in Digimon, i think matt dancing boy

not as bad as he seems! nice hat! such a hot merchant! sooooooo kawaii!!

not the smartest guy ever... a little posessive... yay for pegasus!!

he was scary at the end!! so kawaii for a little guy another Dragon Slayer

I love that earring!!! and ponytail!!! not really bish, just sweet. one of the Three Lights

laptop boy!! such nice hair and manners.... too bad about the eyebrows... Mystik Spiral!

another one of the Three Lights he sure can eat....^_~


Mr. Negotiator An Alternate Gene Scary Brit Kid! O_O

Sakura's Dad's cuute! A Cuter Li I wish everyday for a bodyguard like him...

Sakura is just SURROUNDED with bishie! Never let Happosai name your children! O_o;;

And in the spirit of Bishonen - Bishoujo! (beautiful anime girls!)

Yeah for Ryoko! My favorite goddess - I DON'T care if she's a perv! Cassidy!

Aisha ClanClan rocks! WHY didn't she STAY with Van?! Jessie's (Team Rocket) mom

I really liked this show - why'd they pull it? Cowgirl Ed! She's spooky! O_o

Don't call her 'Suzu' Manga snatcher! Way kool outfit, Yura!

Honky Tonk Woman! Team Rocket blast off! She has the BEST image songs EVER!

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