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Greetings, earthlings
Look mommy, an update! ~_~ Yeah, I finally got talked into updating... *sigh* I really don't know what I'm going to to. I'm really thinking about just stopping updates to this site. Of course, I'll leave it open for everyone to see, but new art would be put on side7 or something... but I don't know yet. Hang in there, people ^_^; I think I'm gonna go in and convert all of the art to thumbnails instead of text links, I think that may be easier for everyone... so yeah. And dis regard the text at the top of the screen, don't even try to log in to v3 with that password... that was my mistake ;p but anyway. I've got a new fanfic in the works. Go see it of Dark Heza will KILL YOU IN THE FACE :D
Posted by PikaChan on 01/04/02

New layout, yay~
Heza-chan and I finally finished converting the entire site! Boy, did that take a long time, believe me. Look at the pretty S+S picture, and the kawaii butterfly, and all the pretty flowers, and THE PINKISHNESS~ YAY~. . 'scuse me. So. . enjoy the layout, peoples. *grin* Happy Easter, and Happy April's Fools Day! Hope you did a prank on someone!
Posted by Megami on 01/04/02

Ohboy am I ever proud of myself. ^^ Here we are with a brand-new, browser-friendly layout (no icky frames or tiling backgrounds), and I actually got the HTML right on the FIRST TRY!! :O!!!! So. I'm gradually converting all of the pages which may take a while n.n; Yea. Have fun. Happy Easter!
Posted by PikaChan on 3/31/02

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