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In the Beginning,
SailorNeptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto were guarding the galaxy from people outside of our Solar System. This was their only mission. To protect the Solar System from any outside force. But the Outer Senshi allowed invaders to escape to Earth, and so followed them to keep them from getting the three PureHeart Crystals. These PureHeart crystals, when withdrawn from the carriers, will reveal the three talismans that will join together to form the Holy Grail.

When the invaders escaped to Earth, SailorSaturn, SailorUranus and SailorNeptune were reborn. Like SailorVenus, Neptune was a Senshi long before she met up with the Inner Senshi.

Dreams or Premonitions,
Dreams of the end of the world, and of an Aqua haired warrior haunted her nights.
Haruka didn't want it. She didn't want to face her destiny. Though this warrior, this Senshi she dreamed about, told her that only she could help her to fight off the silence, Haruka didn't want it.
So she ran. Even with out realizing it, she ran with the wind, trying to escape her destiny, her fate. But it would always catch up with her.

Found by Fate,
After track Michiru, a student at Mugen Gakuen High School, asked Eliza Grey to introduce her to the winner, Haruka.
One look and Haruka knew who she was. Michiru was the aqua haired warrior from her dreams. And this elegant woman was asking her to pose for a painting.
But Haruka wanted nothing to do with Michiru, her fate, and the losses that would come with it. So she ran again.

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide,
Haruka met Michiru again on a ship. Michiru was performing, playing her violin.
To get away Haruka went to the other side of the ship. And when she looked up to the wall, she saw what she had only seen in her dreams. The End of the World.
It had been painted by Kaioh Michiru. And when the artist walked in, telling Haruka that she was needed, that only together could they stop the silence, Haruka walked away, telling Michiru to stay away.

Accepting Destiny,
When Haruka is attacked by a demon, Neptune comes to her rescue. In saving her from danger, Neptune gets injured.

Before I knew that you were the one I was watching you from near by when you were racing for the first time. I always wanted to ride in your car along the coastline just once. You never asked any favors of anyone. You are always faithful to your feelings.

If you hurt your hands, you can't be a violinist!

Haruka is torn between the need to save Neptune and the fear of her destiny. But she reaches for her henshin stick, and becomes SailorUranus for the first time.

I know more about you than you do because I watch you all the time! I don't want you to take the same way as I took. Still, I was happy when I found out that you were the one. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to talk about it... sorry...

Embracing Fate,
Since that day, Haruka and Michiru have been inseparable and Uranus and Neptune have fought together to protect the Solar System from outside invaders.

Download the video clip (avi zipped) of Haruka and Michiru's first meeting.

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