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Hello! Thank you for stopping in. If your new or a fan of this site there has been some changes. With Geocities being a pain in the butt with shutting down sites if they go over a certain number of people an hour so...I moved to are new location at angelfire. With a new URL I felt it was time again to get a new look. Hopefully this will make surfing through a breeze. Well I have tons more stuff to do. So till next time. Sailor Saturn Rules!

June 10, 2003

Well I notice my new web design had a few little bugs in it so I'm in the process of fixing them so if you should find one that hasn't been fixed feel free to email me at
April 21, 2002

Boy I seem to get behind on all my updating. Well first I should say that the current Proud Parents page is down, Anime exchange is also down and that is where I have the page from, so that would explain that. But I'm looking for a more reliable page for that so please "bear" with me.
Also I'm taking out the little Glaive cursor from all my pages. I did realive how much of a pain it is if you didnt have comet cursor on your computer. So I applogize to all whom had to deal with that. Also I'm sorry nothing else has been done for awhile with this site it gets a little harder each year to keep updating and adding more new things. I love making these sites for people enjoyment, but I just might have to give it up soon and just try to update more.
Keep in mind I'm still looking for fanfic and fanart to put up. So if you have anything you want me to put up send it to Death By Glaive and please include your name so I know who to give credit to.
Well I believe that is all, so enjoy the site